Hearthstone For Mac Review

I was really happy to find a key in my email a few days ago and it just wouldn’t be fair to not provide any feedback . I’ve been playing this game for 3 days now and I think it’s really good , but it’s not ready for a release , as much as everybody would like this game to be released , there are simply for issues that blizzard needs to fix .I should also mention that I have tested the game both on a Mac and on a PC .  I’m going to start with the minor things that Blizzard needs to fix , because you probably know the good things about this game .


Two days ago , after the maintenance the European servers were having problems such as players not being able to find matches and getting disconnected from matches , both with other players and with bots. This issue got fixed , pretty soon so props to Blizzard , but such problems do seem to reoccur from time to time which is slightly inconvenient. However it does raise  questions about the server stability and honestly I believe this is the main reason this game hasn’t been released … they know that they need to stress test their servers , they do not want to repeat the Diablo day one incident !

The game is also not 100 % stable and it does stop working sometimes , but when it works it works fantastically . I does cap at 30 frames . but honestly you won’t notice any difference . The game does drop some frames when certain animations play , but most notably when you find an opponent . It also doesn’t seem to have 30 frames on the mac , but that might actually be the laptops’s fault since it is a macbook air , but I do use it to edit HD footage and it handles it fairly well . There are also a few visual bugs like cards that you return to your hand remaining on the field or text disappearing from the cards .

Other than that , the game is an addicting TCG . I has that just one more match thing that League has , but the main difference is that matches in HS take only a handful of minutes if you have both luck and skill . I do like that there is a bit of luck involved since it means that you need to be flexible and adapt to your opponent’s plays and to what the game gives you to work with .

You can’t directly buy power , you can get the cards necessary to get a strong deck together , but it does involve a bit of luck and a lot of money , since pack do cost a lot and more often than not the give you 4 commons and a rare . You can get them by just playing . It’s about 2 days if you’re not willing to farm , farm and farm .

The classes also seem  balanced enough , they could be balanced even better , but it’s pretty hard to balance a game with 9 different classes that play differently . Even so , there isn’t a class that simply is better than all .
Arena is also a nice feature .  You do have to grind a fair bit of gold to enter it , but when you do the game changes quite a bit . It becomes more random I guess and it requires you to be more flexible , since you can’t have the best deck possible . I had a lot of fun in arena , even if I didn’t win more than 4 matches . That’s another thing there are a very few plays that feel cheep , one is the priest double health , change to attack play , but even that can be  countered if you have the right card in your hand .

The game is definitely a bit on the overhyped side , but it does have good reasons . It is the next internet crack . The way Blizzard handles it is also done well .Sure , they do send people duplicate keys and do give people who do not own any games on battle.net keys .  Some might say  that it could be released right now , but that would probably make it unplayable , since even blizzard isn’t sure how many people will be playing this on release . The best they can do is get a few people in on a daily basis , WITHOUT sending account who are in the beta other keys , and simply testing the servers until they feel that they can go for an open beta . So all you have to do is wait .. it definitely won’t be long until they release .