6 Good iPad Apps You Should Download Right Now

Once entered into the fascinating world of the iPad, people immediately start browsing the App Store in search for the latest and most useful good iPad apps. But how to know what to choose when you have so many possibilities? Despite the fact that Apple is in a continuous process of optimizing the App Store, by constantly adding new collections of apps,users still find it hard to choose the best option. In order to discover the apps which enhance the experience of using the most advanced technologies and at the same time fulfill your needs, a possibility would be reading through the reviews and comparing user ratings. But this takes longer than expected and the results may not always be satisfying. A time-saving alternative would be scanning a list of already selected good iPad apps and choosing your favorites based on the accurate descriptions of each of them. As a result, we’ve listed a few apps,divided into two sections: Free and Paid, that would make you enjoy using your iPad to the fullest.

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Free Good iPad Apps


ibooks for ipad

At a time when people are looking for a way to store all their favorite books in a virtual place from where they could read them afterwards, Apple comes with the perfect solution for the iOS users: iBooks – one of the most elegant, easy to use app for reading. iBooks represents more than a basic e-book reader, due to its friendly interface and unique design, taking advantage of the device’s main features such as the large screen. This way, it truly improves the reading experience, making it as vivid as holding a real printed book in your hands. Works of the classics, best-sellers or science fiction novels, there is nothing you can’t find in the iBookstore. It even supports PDF documents. While reading, you can highlight phrases or even entire paragraphs, look up for definitions of words in the dictionary or on the Web and add notes. The other great features, but at the same time common to the other e-book reading apps, include changing the text size, selecting a different font, adjusting brightness or simply swapping themes according to the amount of light in the room.  Moreover, if you want to get an insight into one of the books before buying it ,you can download a sample free of charge. What’s more,with iBooks 3, Apple made it possible to sync the library with all your devices, in order to read the book from where you left it even if you are not on your iPad.

Flipboard – winner of the “Free Good iPad Apps” Award

flipboard for ipadFor the people who want to stay connected to the media world without respite and be acquainted with the latest news, announcements or arrivals on short notice, Flipboard has it all. This amazing app becomes your personal magazine, where you can add your favorite content such as pages on a certain topic, articles and any other information shared across the Web. With just a flip you can browse through cooking recipes, the ultimate travel destinations, or the extraordinary discoveries made in the world of science throughout the last year. If you prefer any source in particular, use the search bar and you will immediately find it. In addition to news, in the Content Guide you can also choose to follow blogs or connect to social networks, which help you keep in touch with the loved ones, despite the distance. When you find something worth sharing ,why not do this? It is a great way of making your friends aware of a subject and exchange views. With Flipboard it’s easier than ever to share stories, photos and even videos that caught your attention. Named Apple’s App of the Year in 2012, it is certainly the best news application that you can find.

Battle Nations

battle nations for ipadThis is an app which brings strategy ,humor, innovative story-telling and diversity all together in a captivating game. Although the theme is basically virtual war, the approach is exciting as the purpose implies expanding your empire’s settlement and completing the sudden upcoming missions until you reach the maximum level (level 50). While fighting raiders and beasts such as boars and raptors, the player needs to take care of the army, heal the injured troops, build weapons and develop the empire. Growing crops and gathering precious resources is also essential in order to gain money and raw products which are used for trading. All this activities happen in real time, but it is possible to speed up the process by using Nanopods ,which can be bought from the App Store.


Paid Good iPad Apps

The Room

the room ipadIf you’re looking for an adventure full of mystery and hidden secrets, The Room would be the perfect choice. This app makes full use of the stunning Retina display which, combined with the realistic graphics, take you into a whole new dimension. The player is transported to a 3D space, a room where there is only a locked safe which needs to be opened.  After having found the first few hints ,by tapping sides of the safe, the story around the mysterious box starts to gradually unravel. The game can be seen as an actual puzzle, with the main difference that you have to first find the pieces, and then match them correspondingly. Moreover, the atmosphere keeps you in suspense, as the sound effects are dark and creepy, almost spine-tingling. This app is definitely worth 1.99$, giving you hours of intricate puzzles. Challenging your brain has never been this exciting!


Asphalt 7:Heat

asphalt 7 for ipadEver been caught up in the thrilling experience of the Asphalt series? If the answer is yes, then you will absolutely love Gameloft’s latest edition of the game. Asphalt 7:Heat not only is better in terms of visual effects and content, but also brings new cars and tracks to explore. Virtual racing is now brought to a whole new level on your iPad, making the experience even more lifelike. The different game modes allow you to take a quick spin or race for the golden trophies, depending on your mood. The fact that you can play with another 5 friends locally through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or online with unknown opponents, is another great advantage. So why not use your device to run the streets of the big cities while drifting and jumping off the bridges in the most powerful cars? What’s more, the app is only 0.99$, unlike the preceding games of the series!


Pages – Winner Of THe “Paid Good iPad Apps” Award

pages for ipadApple’s word processor, Pages, was especially designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod in order to manage your documents wherever you are. On the iPad, this is easier than anything, as the large, stunning screen allows you to edit any data with just a touch. It’s like working on your laptop, but in fact all your carry is a light device on which you have it all. It is the perfect app to create reports, articles, letters, essays, flyers and even birthday cards or invitations. Pages appeals to business people always on the go, as well as to students who find it easier having all their assignments stored as virtual files rather than printing them. With support for iCloud, you can easily sync your documents and access them on other iOS devices. In addition to this, another great feature is the compatibility with Microsoft Word: you can open Microsoft Word files in the app and also save your documents as Word files. Moreover,you can export the documents to ePub format, and they will be saved in your iBooks library. To sum it up, Pages is a wonderful word processor with an accessible price (9.99$).

There are even more apps to be found in the huge App Store the iPad comes with. If you liked our choice of good iPad apps, you may want to also check the best games for the iPad for the month of February 2013.

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