6 Popular iMac Apps That You Need To Have

Having an iMac can be great, especially since it has a sleek, sporty design, and it comes with such a thin screen that you can put it just about anywhere. What many programmers and designers have realized though is that they can make other people’s lives a lot easier by developing iMac apps. There are all sorts of downloadable iMac apps that help you do anything from type up a paper to write a song. We’ve listed a few of the more popular and unique apps that help you with your day to day life, as well as give you some enjoyment.

imac apps

The AppZapper

appzapperOne of the most useful iMac apps is AppZapper. This one size fits all app does a great job of removing old apps from your iMac. If you’ve played around with apps before, you may have realized that you downloaded one thinking it was something else, or you have found that you don’t need it anymore. This is where the AppZapper comes in, it automatically deletes all of the system files that you might not be able to find yourself, and pretty much does a one touch deletion of apps that you don’t want anymore. This is kind of a standalone iMac app since it doesn’t really do much else other than delete things, however you’d be hard pressed to find one that is better suited for the job than the AppZapper.


spotifySpotify may be one of the more popular iMac apps since it appeals to a very wide audience. This online music streaming service is different from many others due to the fact that you are streaming music instead of downloading it, and that you can connect to other users in order to hear the songs that you want to hear. This takes a lot of the pressure off of Spotify’s servers and ensures that you will pretty much always be able to listen to the song that you want to hear whenever you want to hear it.

People who have used streaming music apps in the past might have noticed that there are lots of advertisements between the songs, or that there is a long buffering period. These kinds of concerns went into the making of Spotify and the developers formed their service around these complaints. There are advertisements during the broadcasts, but they aren’t as frequent or long as some of the other streaming music apps. Likewise, buffering isn’t necessary with Spotify since it’s servers don’t have to handle so many people all at once.

There are not too many iMac apps like this since the quality is just about impossible to beat.


handbrake for mac


This nifty iMac app is one of the best apps out there for ripping DVDs to your iMac. If you own a copy of a movie, you have the right to be able to play it on your computer whenever you want, even if it means not actually having it in the drive. With HandBrake, you have yourself a very simple solution to ripping the DVDs without having to go through the hassle of having to download multiple programs, understanding audio/video jargon, and not being able to handle different regions.

Since it is an all in one program, it does all of the hard work for you. There is an easy to use interface which lets you pick from all sorts of options. You can choose what kind of quality you want the movie to be on your iMac, as well as being able to cut down certain portions of the blank spaces around the movie such as in widescreen versions. If you enjoy being able to watch movies at the click of a mouse, you can get HandBrake for free and give yourself a personal digital copy of every DVD you own.


This is one of the best iMac apps for browsing the internet. Some people may run across an interesting article every once in a while and just not have the time to read it right that second. Other people may be looking for interesting articles constantly and just find so many that they can’t read them all at one time. This is where the Pocket app makes its mark, allowing users to save all sorts of articles to a folder on their iMac and read them at their own leisure. Even if the internet is out, you can still read the article provided you have downloaded the most up-to-date version of your personal Pocket list.

pocket for mac

Another perk is that Pocket works across many different platforms. You can download this app on your iPhone, iMac, or iPad and share the same list among all the platforms. This means that if you know that you are going to be somewhere without the internet for awhile, you can download your list and have interesting articles saved for you to read. Likewise, if you are going to be taking a ride in an airplane, you can stock up on lots of articles, download it to your iPhone or iPad, and read them at your leisure on the plane, where you may not be able to get the internet.

These kinds of fun iMac apps can save you a lot of time and money if you utilize them correctly. Sometimes though, we just want to use our iMacs purely for fun. iMac games are extremely popular with iMac users since a lot of popular web-based games have come to Mac as well as the online game giant Steam. If you’ve got some spare time, you might want to check out a few of these games which are playable on your iMac.

Bejeweled 3

If you were one of the 150 million people who have downloaded or played Bejeweled or Bejeweled 2 you are definitely going to like Bejeweled 3. This is one of the ultimate time-waster games for iMac since there are lots of levels and plenty of different options for people who are fans of the series. While the game may not seem like a lot at first, it can get addicting quickly as you progress through the levels and attain more experience.bejeweled 3 for mac

There are also several different modes in Bejeweled 3 for iMac which include a timed mode in order to see how fast you can make connections, and a quest mode which gives you a specific goal and then lets you set about figuring out how to reach that goal.


minecraft for macOne of the best selling indie games in the past few years, Minecraft for iMac allows players to build their own world out of square blocks. If you’ve heard of the game before, chances are you already know whether you like it or not. If you haven’t heard of it, give it a shot. The game has been upgraded drastically since it’s alpha release. Playing it on your iMac is no longer a problem meaning that you don’t have to be connected to the internet in order to play it on something other than a PC. There is a single player mode, which allows you to either build on your own without interruption or you can be put into a survival mode where you can take damage. Perhaps the best aspect of this iMac game is that you can play online with friends. This allows you to show off your buildings and not just look at them yourself from your own computer.

Steam Games

Steam for iMac is probably the best thing that has ever happened for iMac gaming. The number of iMac games that someone can play through Steam on their iMac is almost limitless. Nearly every major game these days comes out on Steam as well as on other platforms. This is great for iMac owners because, as anyone who owned a Mac in the early 2000s can tell you, there just wasn’t much of a selection for good games outside of PCs. Steam has changed that, and in drastic form. Now, instead of a tossup between whether or not a developer would produce a Mac version of their game along with a PC version, you automatically get access to many games through Steam.

steam for mac

As iMacs become more popular, you will be seeing more games being added to Steam for iMacs in order to reach that larger audience. Grabbing yourself a Steam account may be well worth it, especially when they have sales on many popular titles throughout the week, and especially around the holidays.

These are really just a couple of the more popular iMac games that you can find. There are so many other games out there that it really depends on your personal preference to figure out which genre to start with. You should have no problem finding hundreds or thousands of games that you would like, all of them should be able to work on your iMac without a problem, allowing you to use your iMac for both work and play.

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