8 Best iPod Cases for 7th Generation iPod Nano

iPod Cases for iPod Nano
iPod Cases for 7th Gen iPod Nano


If you own an Apple product whether an iPhone, iPod or iPad, it doesn’t seem complete without a proper case added to carry it around. The style look and feel of these cases has changed eventually with new generation of Apple products being launched year by year. Here we have listed “8 Best iPod Cases for 7th Generation iPod Nano”.

Being the thinnest model of iPod Nano ever made, the Apple’s 7th Generation iPod Nano also boasts of the largest screen as well. Hence being in an all new form, you will require a fresh case for your new iPod Nano.

Take a look at these 8 best cases for your 7th Generation iPod Nano:

1. Cygnett Holster Hybrid Case

Cygnett is the brand that comes to my mind when we talk about cases. 4 products out of the 8 listed here are from Cygnett. The first on the list is Cygnett Holster which is a dual material and has a clip on the back that can be attached on your clothing.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/black-and-green-holster-hybrid-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html

2. Air Jacket Hard Crystal Case

Next on our list is Air Jacket Hard Crystal Case. This is the most durable iPod Nano case among the list and is made out of hard plastic that protects the front edges, sides and back of your gadget, while you can access the ports and buttons. This Crystal case comes in different set of colors such as black, yellow, white and purple.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0099UPE1C/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_9GNDqb1GFJBJ5

3. Cygnett Second Skin Silicon Case

The second Cygnett case that makes it on our list is Cygnett Second Skin Silicon Case. As the name suggests, it’s almost like a second skin to your iPod Nano with raise edges to give that extra protection. It gives a soft touch feeling on the device hence making the center button easily accessible. Cygnett Second Skin Silicon case is available in 2 colors i.e  Red and Black.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/black-second-skin-silicone-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html

4. i-Blason Sport Armband

Cases same as their gadgets have evolved as per the needs of the user. One such evolution of cases came as a sporting Armband case for iPod Nano. I-Blason Sport Armband case is the most stylish Armband accessory for the 7th generation iPod Nano.  Mostly used while jogging or working out at gyms, this armband lets you listen to your nano hands-free. It’s available in black and pink colors. The case strap is made of soft stretchy Velcro with a separate silicon case to hold your Nano.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008UKAY5I/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_3NNDqb092M3FJ

5. Cygnett FlexiGel

Cygnett FlexiGel is yet another soft feel iPod Nano case with scratch and impact resistant features because of its gel form base. It has a vibrant glossy finish with raised edges on the corners to offer screen-down protection and gives access to all functions of your iPod Nano with the case on. It’s available in black, purple and pink colors.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/purple-flexigel-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html

6. CrazyOn Digital Ionic Active Sport Armband

CrazyOn Digital’s Ionic Active Sport Armband for iPod Nano, I feel is the most stylist iPod accessories on the list. As it is made up of neoprene material, this armband gives maximum stretching for comfort and protection. Active Sport Armband is available in black, blue, purple and silver gray colors. Featuring a sporty look, this armband is the most colorful option for joggers and gym-goers.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0099UPQQU/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_CANDqb165251A

7. CrazyOn Digital Ionic Slim Slider Case

CrazyOn Digital’s Ionic Slim Slider Case is one of the slimmest cases for your 7th generation iPod Nano. It’s so slim that once put on your iPod Nano its gives the same tactile feel as if you are using the device without a case at all. It’s made from TPU – a plastic and silicon hybrid. This Slim Slider case gives complete shock protection and has scratch resistive properties. It’s available in 4 different colors.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0099UPRS2/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_dKNDqb1FDHARG

8. Cygnett Action Wristband Case

And last but not the least that making it to the list is a wristband from Cygnett. The Cygnett Action is a snap-on wristband case that provides a perfect alternative to other armband cases. Like the armband cases, Cygnett Action is also a perfect training partner with an easier access to all functions. Cygnett Action features a feather light silicon case along with integrated snap-on wristband.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/action-nano-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html


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