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Hearthstone For Mac Review

I was really happy to find a key in my email a few days ago and it just wouldn’t be fair to not provide any feedback . I’ve been playing this game for 3 days now and I think it’s really good , but it’s not ready for a release , as much as everybody would like this game to be released , there are simply for issues that blizzard needs to fix .I should also mention that I have tested the game both on a Mac and on a PC .  I’m going to start with the minor things that Blizzard needs to fix , because you probably know the good things about this game .


Two days ago , after the maintenance the European servers were having problems such as players not being able to find matches and getting disconnected from matches , both with other players and with bots. This issue got fixed , pretty soon so props to Blizzard , but such problems do seem to reoccur from time to time which is slightly inconvenient. However it does raise  questions about the server stability and honestly I believe this is the main reason this game hasn’t been released … they know that they need to stress test their servers , they do not want to repeat the Diablo day one incident !

The game is also not 100 % stable and it does stop working sometimes , but when it works it works fantastically . I does cap at 30 frames . but honestly you won’t notice any difference . The game does drop some frames when certain animations play , but most notably when you find an opponent . It also doesn’t seem to have 30 frames on the mac , but that might actually be the laptops’s fault since it is a macbook air , but I do use it to edit HD footage and it handles it fairly well . There are also a few visual bugs like cards that you return to your hand remaining on the field or text disappearing from the cards .

Other than that , the game is an addicting TCG . I has that just one more match thing that League has , but the main difference is that matches in HS take only a handful of minutes if you have both luck and skill . I do like that there is a bit of luck involved since it means that you need to be flexible and adapt to your opponent’s plays and to what the game gives you to work with .

You can’t directly buy power , you can get the cards necessary to get a strong deck together , but it does involve a bit of luck and a lot of money , since pack do cost a lot and more often than not the give you 4 commons and a rare . You can get them by just playing . It’s about 2 days if you’re not willing to farm , farm and farm .

The classes also seem  balanced enough , they could be balanced even better , but it’s pretty hard to balance a game with 9 different classes that play differently . Even so , there isn’t a class that simply is better than all .
Arena is also a nice feature .  You do have to grind a fair bit of gold to enter it , but when you do the game changes quite a bit . It becomes more random I guess and it requires you to be more flexible , since you can’t have the best deck possible . I had a lot of fun in arena , even if I didn’t win more than 4 matches . That’s another thing there are a very few plays that feel cheep , one is the priest double health , change to attack play , but even that can be  countered if you have the right card in your hand .

The game is definitely a bit on the overhyped side , but it does have good reasons . It is the next internet crack . The way Blizzard handles it is also done well .Sure , they do send people duplicate keys and do give people who do not own any games on keys .  Some might say  that it could be released right now , but that would probably make it unplayable , since even blizzard isn’t sure how many people will be playing this on release . The best they can do is get a few people in on a daily basis , WITHOUT sending account who are in the beta other keys , and simply testing the servers until they feel that they can go for an open beta . So all you have to do is wait .. it definitely won’t be long until they release .

League Of Legends For Mac – Is It Worth It?


Today I thought I should talk a bit about my experience with league of legends, both as a game and as a sport , since I have been playing this game for quite a while . Also keep in mind that the game has recently been released for Mac OS X , so there’s another reason why I am talking about this .  The video for this review is supposed to be funny and only partially serious. This written review is more formal, I guess.

Firstly, I think I should start with the good things that this game offers. League of Legends offers its players a fun little game in which you pick a champion / hero and you go against other champions / heroes controlled either by an AI or another player . This idea of an arena-like battle is really appealing as all it takes to win in a one on one battle is having more knowledge of the game . Losing in such a fight provides you with an experience from which you will learn more about the game.

Secondly , the reason this game is so brilliant is that it has that one more page feel to it . After finishing a match you might feel like you want to play more and more, the game essentially becoming a time sink. You will want to play more, unlock more champions and learn about this simple looking, yet complex game . I honestly this is why this game is appealing; by just looking at it online you will probably say to yourself that is looks easy enough, but in fact it’s really hard to master, like most competitive games .

Furthermore, as I have said, this game is really competitive, so competitive that it has the biggest esports scene. Esports stands for entertainment sports, basically meaning games played as sports. Once you get to ranked games (unlocked at level 30), you start getting a feel for this , as losing will mean that you get downgraded to less important leagues .

However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. One gripe that I have with this game is that it really doesn’t teach you everything and I am not talking about knowing what every champion does   The small stuff, like the fact that you take turret aggro if you hit an enemy champion near such a turret or that the damage that turrets do gets bigger with every consecutive hit on you . It doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the game, which means that you need to either research yourself or have somebody tell you this. Sadly, this very thing might put a lot of people off.

What is more, the community can sometimes be a bit too stressful, since a few mistakes in a game can lead to a defeat. Before you know it people start flaming you (a term used to say that somebody starts to say not so nice things about you). Flaming leads to you flaming and lead to the whole team falling apart. This means that the team will not have synergy, something that teams need in order to win most games. Keep in mind that the good folks at Riot Studios have been applying a lot of new measures to keep flaming to a bare minimum.

Also, the launcher and the game itself is sometimes a bit buggy, the game crashing after you finish a match or if you alt tab out of the game while it is loading. I know it’s a free to play game, but it has been out for a couple of years now, so that’s not an excuse .

Overall, I have been having a great time with this game for the past 2 years now, playing it when I had the time, both with friends and on my own. It provides its players with a fantastic MOBA experience, filled with a lot of great moments , but sadly some that might effect how some feel for this game .  There are a lot of champions to play and most are really hard to master, except for Garen … he is just easy.

Hopefully you understood the points that I had to make about this game. It’s really fun, competitive and above all free! So go ahead and try it out over at . If you liked this written review be sure to check out the video, for a more comedic approach to this game. My name is the Great Eops and I am signing off !