Best iOS Multiplayer Games

In this article we will count down our favorite iOS multiplayer games. By multiplayer we mean games that allow you to play against or with other people either ad-hoc style or over the Internet aka WAN. iOS is quickly becoming the most dominant gaming platform in the world and with many developers making ports of their games to iOS, others are beginning to notice.

The 5 Best iOS Multiplayer Games

ios multiplayer games


We all know Monopoly and whether you are great at the game or not, everyone has their experience of going bankrupt soon after the game started. One of the reasons why we like Monopoly is because it has stayed true to its roots for since its inception. While there are minor changes to this version not seen in the board game, we still like the app very much. Unfortunately the game does not allow you to play with users over the internet but you are still welcome to play locally or ad-hoc.


Welcome to one of the most addicting and entertaining games we have played. Ruzzle follows the concept of giving you 16 random word tiles of which you are supposed to get words out of. The catch is you can only use adjacent tiles to create your words and you have only 2 minutes to make as many words as you possibly can. Ruzzle allows you to play with random opponents as well as your Facebook friends. Trust us, it’s a great game and will really build your ability to spell faster.


There is Minecraft for the computer, there is Minecraft for Android and there is Minecraft for iOS. The iOS version carries about everything that you can find in the Android version, though it is a stripped down version of the computer version which carriers many more blocks, monsters and cool tricks. Overall the game is fun and is our favorite sandbox game for iOS. Your worlds are limited to certain dimensions in the iOS version of this game but you can play with your friends via ad-hoc and create all the cool sculptures you could possibly think of.


Kind of like guess that tune, SongPop is the game that wants you to guess the tune faster than your opponent. SongPop is still a member of Apple’s top 100 list though it has been out for quite some time now. Other than being fun and addicting, the game features popular tunes from the 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s, Love Songs, Rock, Pop, Rap & R&B, Alternative and Country as well as other genres. You can play with random opponents or challenge your Facebook friends to a match.

Arms Cartel Global

With over 2 million global players, Arms Cartel Global is probably the most popular MMORPG on iOS. As the game suggests, you are in the sale of illegal arms and it is your mission to rise to the very top of your game by defeating everyone above you. The game has a similar playing style to Mobsters but it is more fun and with 2 million global players, you won’t be spending much time looking for other players to defeat.


If you liked our selection, you may want to also check out some of the best games for the iPad. Hopefully, this list gave you some insight on the best iOS multiplayer games.


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