Best iPad Games of February 2013

The iPad is becoming more and more the de facto standard for tablet gaming, with many developers now targeting this device, it’s harder than ever to choose the best iPad games. In this article we will list a couple of the best games we have found for the iPad already. While you may have heard of some of them, others may be new to ipad games

Temple Run 2

temple run 2Temple Run broke the game mold and like many games that do, it set off a rush for copy cats. While many games did improve on the experience of the original temple run (Subway Surfer comes to mind) none quite captured the awesomeness of running though some tropical jungle with some monsters from the pits of hell chasing you.

With Temple Run 2, things are quite the same, but refined. Instead of three monsters, there is only one. Ropes now make their appearance as do spiked rolling thingy’s and steep drop-offs. Overall it is a worthy update to the original game and one that you can gladly waste hours on.

Angry Birds Star Wars – Winner of the best ipad games award for February 2013

angry birds star wars ipadWe knew it was inevitable. Star Wars and Angry Birds have finally met. In the second time that this cultural phenomenon has teamed up with a move franchise (Angry Birds Rio was the first), the Angry birds, as expected, are trying to defeat the Emperor’s piggy’s who are bent on destroying “A Galaxy Far, Far Away.” Angry Birds Star Wars is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 as well, but it is the iPad that allows you to play the game in its awesome glory.

The amazing attention to detail, as well as the new, cool features practically revive both the Angry Birds saga as well as the Star Wars one, and make this game one a must-buy on the iPad

Real Racing 2 HD

Seeing that the iPad isn’t quite ready to play the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports, we are left with games like Real Racing 2 HD. This game is awesome though and the creators have done a very good job of bringing almost lifelike physics into the game. We really like the attention to detail and thankfully, unlike many other racing games we have played, they have actual replicas of real world exotic cars.

Joe Danger

We’ve all seen those Hollywood movies with some action start or villan doing an incredibly awesome, yet totally dangerous stunt. If you’ve ever wanted such an opportunity, than take a look at Joe Danger. Like his last name suggests, old Joe has no respect for his own life and constantly puts his life in jeopardy to get the highest score and do the coolest tricks.

With Joe Danger, you can play against your friends and since the game is Universal, you can download it to your iPhone or iPod Touch for convenience.

Subway Surfers

subway surfers ipadAlthough a knockoff of the popular Temple Run, Subway Surfers gets props for its beautiful landscape and really cool power ups. In the latest update, you play in the country of Brazil as you dodge trains, collect coins and power-ups and run for as long as you can in hopes of setting an all-time record. There is a reason why this game is among the top free apps in the App Store. It is just that fun.


To sum it up, February 2013 has been a great month for gamers fans. Regardless of whether you own an iPad Mini or iPad 4, these are the best iPad games out there right now.

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