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Apple has really done a great job of creating a device that takes such great photos. While the iPad leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to photography, the iPhone for the most part is a great performer. If you’re like us, you don’t just like taking photos, you like discovering them as well. So without further ado, here are our favorite iPhone photo iphone photo apps

Color Splash

Ever seen those cool photographs where the entire photo is black and white except for one specific object which has color, or vice versa? Color Splash is a great iOS app that allows you to do exactly that without using some complicated photo editor such as Photoshop or Gimp. Once you have used masking to identify which part of your photo needs to be colored and which part needs to be black and white, you can use controls to adjust the lighting, contrast, saturation, temperature and tinting of the composited image before export. Once your composition is done, you can export said photo to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Email, Postcard, Print or safe to Camera Roll.

Snapseed – Winner of The Best iPhone Photo Apps award

iPhone Photo AppsRecently acquired by Google, Snapseed is one of our favorite photo editing apps for iOS. This awesome little app allows you to import apps from your library or take a new photo. Once your photo has been taken you can apply Instagram style filters to the app. You can also apply tilt-shift, blur and other cool effects as well as borders, lighting adjustments and the likes. You can export the finished product to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, your iPhone Camera Roll or text message. Simply put, it’s one of the best iPhone apps out there, and a clear winner of the photo apps category.

Afterglow Photo Editor

Like Snapseed, Afterglow is a photo editor. You still get a wide range of photo filters from grunge to sepia and a whole host of other filters. You can also add 23 different types of textures to your photos from 35mm film grain to light leaks and such. You can further edit your photo by cropping, transforming it such as vertical, horizontal etc. and lastly add one of over a dozen frames to your completed photo. From there you can export your photo to the Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Text or some other app.


instaplaceWant to add cool location captions to your photo? Well now you can with InstaPlace. This unique little app allows you to take a photo within the app and the app will instantly attach grab the photos GPS coordinates and add them as a caption for the photo. If you want to have a custom caption, well that is possible as well. The captions are minimalistic, and really add some uniqueness to your photos, especially if you plan to post them to some social network.


There a wide range of possible light effects one can add to their photo and thankfully LensLight allows you to add quite a bit of them. With this neat little app you can add lens flares, bokah, light leaks and spotlights to any photo you import. Once the effect is added, you can use settings to fine tune the light effect to match your photo perfectly.

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