Best Printers for iMac

iMacs are great for getting a lot of work done. Whether the kind of work you are doing is school work, office work, or just personal work, you will probably need a good printer to go along with your good computer. There are several iMac printers that work very well for any of these applications, spanning the spectrum from higher priced wireless models to more economical single-function models. Choosing the right printer for your iMac might take a little bit of time, but if do a bit of research, you can find one that matches your needs and budget pretty easily.

iMac printers for a home office

When you have an office in your house, or you do your work solely from your home, you will probably need a very nice printer that has the ability to do more than just print. The best printers for iMac users who need total functionality are able to copy, scan, and fax documents, add to this a wireless capability so that you can place your printer where it would be most convenient for you and you have yourself a machine that is comparable to a professional office all in one solution at a fraction of the cost.

imac printersEpson puts out great full package lines with its Artisan and Stylus models. These are functional, include all the capabilities you would need from a home office printer, and work great with your iMac. The difference between the lines deals primarily with price. The Artisan units start at around $279 new, mostly because they have a larger paper capacity and can print much faster than the Stylus. If you are only going to print a couple pages at a time or if time is not an issue for you, the Stylus can be picked up for around $69 which is about the lowest price you’re going to find for an iMac printer that can do so much.

iMac printers for presentations

Some people don’t need the added benefits of a scanner, copier, and fax machine in their printer, but may instead need their printer to be able to produce extremely good looking pages. These can be either regular black and white pages or full color, vibrant images. These kinds of iMac printers are great for the user who plans on printing out a lot of photos that they take or if they need to print images off of their computer regularly.

Canon has come out with a great option for this sort of “quality-first” printer in its PIXMA series. The PIXMA iP100 is an inkjet computer that has no problem hooking up wirelessly with your iMac. It produces magnificent images that appear great on paper because of its attention to detail. The printing rate is slow compared to most other iMac printers on the market today but that is just because it needs to be thorough in its approach in order to get the best look to the page being printed. These start at around $200 but is well worth it when you compare how printed pictures look when compared to less expensive models or models that aren’t specifically made for picture printing.

iMac printers for casual users

Not everyone needs a high quality printer that is capable of printing extremely high resolution images. Likewise, these same people may not need something that contains a built in fax machine if they never intend on using it. There are a number of middle of the road printers that have a good mix of speed and affordability that many people would like in a printer, but they wouldn’t necessarily even be using it hardly more than a couple times a week.

Samsung makes a great general purpose wireless iMac printer with its ML2500 series which combines quality with affordability. At $99, you are going to be hard pressed to find another iMac printer that is able to print pages as quickly as the ML2525 and have a wireless capability while staying near that price point.

These are just a few of the many printers for iMacs that would work for you. New printers are coming out all the time with advanced features and extra software that makes printing easier and expands upon the number of options you can choose from when you are getting ready to print a document.

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