Hearthstone For Mac Review

I was really happy to find a key in my email a few days ago and it just wouldn’t be fair to not provide any feedback . I’ve been playing this game for 3 days now and I think it’s really good , but it’s not ready for a release , as much as everybody would like this game to be released , there are simply for issues that blizzard needs to fix .I should also mention that I have tested the game both on a Mac and on a PC .  I’m going to start with the minor things that Blizzard needs to fix , because you probably know the good things about this game .


Two days ago , after the maintenance the European servers were having problems such as players not being able to find matches and getting disconnected from matches , both with other players and with bots. This issue got fixed , pretty soon so props to Blizzard , but such problems do seem to reoccur from time to time which is slightly inconvenient. However it does raise  questions about the server stability and honestly I believe this is the main reason this game hasn’t been released … they know that they need to stress test their servers , they do not want to repeat the Diablo day one incident !

The game is also not 100 % stable and it does stop working sometimes , but when it works it works fantastically . I does cap at 30 frames . but honestly you won’t notice any difference . The game does drop some frames when certain animations play , but most notably when you find an opponent . It also doesn’t seem to have 30 frames on the mac , but that might actually be the laptops’s fault since it is a macbook air , but I do use it to edit HD footage and it handles it fairly well . There are also a few visual bugs like cards that you return to your hand remaining on the field or text disappearing from the cards .

Other than that , the game is an addicting TCG . I has that just one more match thing that League has , but the main difference is that matches in HS take only a handful of minutes if you have both luck and skill . I do like that there is a bit of luck involved since it means that you need to be flexible and adapt to your opponent’s plays and to what the game gives you to work with .

You can’t directly buy power , you can get the cards necessary to get a strong deck together , but it does involve a bit of luck and a lot of money , since pack do cost a lot and more often than not the give you 4 commons and a rare . You can get them by just playing . It’s about 2 days if you’re not willing to farm , farm and farm .

The classes also seem  balanced enough , they could be balanced even better , but it’s pretty hard to balance a game with 9 different classes that play differently . Even so , there isn’t a class that simply is better than all .
Arena is also a nice feature .  You do have to grind a fair bit of gold to enter it , but when you do the game changes quite a bit . It becomes more random I guess and it requires you to be more flexible , since you can’t have the best deck possible . I had a lot of fun in arena , even if I didn’t win more than 4 matches . That’s another thing there are a very few plays that feel cheep , one is the priest double health , change to attack play , but even that can be  countered if you have the right card in your hand .

The game is definitely a bit on the overhyped side , but it does have good reasons . It is the next internet crack . The way Blizzard handles it is also done well .Sure , they do send people duplicate keys and do give people who do not own any games on battle.net keys .  Some might say  that it could be released right now , but that would probably make it unplayable , since even blizzard isn’t sure how many people will be playing this on release . The best they can do is get a few people in on a daily basis , WITHOUT sending account who are in the beta other keys , and simply testing the servers until they feel that they can go for an open beta . So all you have to do is wait .. it definitely won’t be long until they release .

Why Buy iPod Touch 5th Generation Instead of iPhone 5?


If you are an ‘Apple Lover’ then you must know about the next Apple event on September 10th 2013 where the new iPhone 5C and 5S will be launched. The news is not a rumor as it’s confirmed by Apple itself. It may seem harsh for many of the Apple devotees reading this but deep inside they will agree that the Apple’s iPhone charm has started diminishing after the launch of its latest iPhone 5 last year. Trust me being an Apple lover myself; it is tough for me to write this post. But, being practical and valuing your hard earned money, I am listing out these 5 reasons why you should buy iPod Touch 5th Generation instead of upgrading to iPhone 5 or the upcoming new generation iPhones.

iPod Touch
iPod Touch 5th Generation

Please take a look at the following reasons and decide yourself.

  1. 1.       Huge Upgrade from its Predecessor:

The 5th generation iPod touch is bigger when it comes to the screen size yet a lot lighter when it comes to the weight if you compare it with the previous iPod touch 4th generation model. The camera is way better in terms of quality as well. Adding to which iPod touch 5th generation offers double storage at the same price. Further it is twice as fast because of the upgraded chip which is similar to that used on iPad 2.

(P.S. you may add a comparison table for 5th Generation iPod touch & 4th Generation iPod touch)

Hence considering the vast improvement from its predecessor, iPod touch 5g is a worth buy.

  1. 2.        It’s a better bargain compared to iPhone 5.

The 32 GB iPod Touch 5g is currently available at $299 in Apple’s online store whereas a 32 GB iPhone 5 costs around $749 (non-contracted model). Now if you opt for the 5th generation iPod then it will save you $450.

Additionally, Apple’s warranty terms for iPod Touch is not complicated. Unless it is jailbroken, you will get full servicing at Apple’s service center within the one year’s warranty period without any hitches.

  1. 3.       Experience an iPhone at almost 1/3rd of its price:

You will get all the features of the iPhone 5 except texting and calling on 5th Generation iPod. iPod 5g can be termed as an iPhone without a phone!

You can pretty much have access to all the apps on iTunes that are compatible with iPhone. Even Siri is available in iPod 5g. The most important factor is that an iPod also gets an iOS update along with iPhone and iPad devices.

  1. 4.       It’s not just a Mp3 player anymore. It has an impressive Camera as well.  


If you have used iPod touch 4g or previous iPod touch model’s you will observe a good upgrade in the 5th generation iPod touch when it comes to the camera features. The quality and experience is way better when you take snaps from your iPod 5g device.

With a 5 MP camera, the 5th generation iPod has the newly launched camera feature called iSight developed and introduced by Apple at the launch of iPhone 5 last year. Now the iPod 5g device is also equipped with a LED flash which makes indoor photography livelier.

Panoramic shots, a feature that is available on the iPhone is now available on iPod 5g as well taking it one step closer to the features of iPhone 5.

  1. 5.       Storage Space gets doubled at same price.

There is a 16GB iPod touch 5g variant available on the Apple store which is quite similar to the previous 4th generation model without many upgrades. Whereas to experience the full-fledged 5th generation model of iPod touch, the 32 GB variant is the best that you can get, it comes with all the features of an iPhone except the calling facility. The 32 GB variant of iPod Touch 5g is placed at the same pricing of 4th iPod touch 16 GB variant, hence making the storage double at the same price with some newly cool added features.

Almost everyone wants to grab the new iPhone. But on the practical note, the iPod Touch 5g is an awesome device if you are buying the new iPhone for the sake of its newly added features. So I recommend to better buying iPod Touch 5th generation instead of the new iPhone.

Top Must Have Accessories for an iPad

iPad Accesories
iPad Accesories

Apple devices have a sleek and delicate built which needs extra protection (accessories) from any kind of jerks and accidents. These accessories must be attractive and practically useful for a person carrying the device. Today, there are different kinds of iPad accessories available in the market to protect your precious device. However, it’s important to invest in right kind of accessories that protects your iPad in long run. Below listed are few of the must-have accessories for your iPad.

  • iPad screen protector: This is one of the most popular and useful accessory which can be easily bought online or from any other store in the market. A screen protector keeps your iPad safe from dust, dirt particles and scratches. It is one accessory that extends the lifespan of your iPad. Definitely an iPad screen protector is a must-have, especially if you are planning to use your iPad for longer hours every day.
  • iPad carrying case: It is very much necessary that you carry your iPad comfortably with you. A good iPad carrying case is another must needed accessory you need for your brand new iPad. A good case not only keeps your iPad safe and protected while you travel, but it also ensures that your precious device does not get damaged from a fall. There are hundreds of carrying case options available in the market and it comes in various shapes, sizes and colors as well.
  • Wireless keyboard: No matter how much we love working on touch screens, we always feel comfortable using a handy keyboard to type long sentences right? If you do lot of writing (i.e. typing) stuff on your iPad, the best way to protect the screen is to buy a wireless keyboard. There are many wireless keyboard options available in the market which comes with a stylus as well. Just go to the market to get a perfect match accessories and price suitable to your pocket.
  • iPad waterproof case: This is yet another best accessory for those who love to stay close to their gadget and actually an add-on for carrying case. Now  I know that you always want to protect your precious iPad from any kind of liquid that can cause possible harm, an iPad waterproof case completely seals your device and provides 100% protection against water, coffee, beer or anything liquid.
  • iPad sound system:  iPad itself comes with a good quality of speakers that produce quality sound, but it wouldn’t hurt to use some extra boost specially on your weekend party!! There are many companies that have designed various sound dock systems on which the iPad itself can be mounted and connected. Seems a nice option to me…. What about you?

There are many cool accessories available in the market. You should always choose the one’s which gets into usage on the regular basis rather than gathering dust on your shelf.

[Rumors] iPad 5 Release Dates, Pricing and Specs Round up


Along with so many rumors and leaks all over the web about the new iPhone 5C and 5S and the launch dates of iPad Mini 2, there will be many other speculations going around the web about the announcement of the 5th generation iPad very soon. Hence we have rounded up all the updates and rumors flying on the web about iPad 5’s release dates, pricing and specifications for our valuable readers.

iPad 5 Release Date
iPad 5 Release Date

Let’s check out these rumors:

iPad 5 Release Date:

With the announcement of iOS 7, it is pretty much predictable that Apple will be looking forward to launch the next generation iPad, probably named as iPad 5 in autumn 2013. There are no official announcements from Apple on iPad 5 yet. The tech bloggers around the web have made this speculation based on the last year release of iPad 4 in November 2012, having unveiled it in October. Thus, we can expect a 5th generation iPad revealed soon given the fact that the design of iPad 4 was two-generations old and Apple won’t be waiting longer to release the next iPad powered by iOS 7.

Our tech sources have also hinted that the new iPad may be revealed in October 2013 alongside the iPad Mini 2 which would be just weeks after the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch event.

iPad 5: Specs

There are more rumors without many facts when it comes to next iPad specs right now. Apple has a tendency to make their devices slimmer and lighter compared to its previous generation models. Hence we are expecting the new iPad will be somewhere around a third lighter and thinner than iPad 4. Such a design change would make it around 500g in terms of weight and roughly 7mm thick.

Most of the rumors on the specs of the 5th generation iPad are based on iPad Mini. Some reports suggests that making the iPad 5 thinner than iPad 4 can be achieved, if a thinner glass is used while others advice to use smaller or fewer LED backlight. Such a change will also enable the use for a smaller, thinner battery without compromising on battery life. The other trick which is rumored is the one used in iPad Mini, where LCD screen is laminated to the glass reducing the thickness and glare/reflections altogether hence, improving quality.

Other reports which are flowing on the web every now and then about the specs and new features of iPad 5 are as follows:

  • Haptic Technology (something Android tablets used for a long time)
  • Upgraded Rear Camera (as seen in iPhone 5, an 8 MP rear camera won’t seem surprising to us.)
  • Faster Processor (Being it the Apple strategy generation by generation models, a faster processor is surely on the list.)
  • New Colors: Slate (offered on iPad mini), Gold and Gray.

iPad 5 Price:

Pricing is the easiest and pretty much the most accurate predictions when it comes to Apple device launches. As it’s been a custom with Apple products the prices of the current iPad 4 will reflect onto the 5th generation iPad.  According to industry sources, the fifth generation iPad may cost around $499 for the Wi-Fi  16GB version, $599 for the 32GB, $699 for the 64GB and $799 for the 128GB tablet.

Best Car Mount Options Available for iPad Mini


Car Mount fir iPad Mini
Car Mount for iPad

IPad mini car mounting kits are a way to increase the resourcefulness of your new gadget. Now, It is not just one of your flashy accessories, iPad mini car mount can be very useful especially when you are out for a long journey. These car mounts are handy and can be the best way to use your iPad to entertain kids on the backseat or on the dashboard for GPS or other navigational aids.

Let’s look at the best range of different types of Car Mounts for iPad Mini:

iPad Mini Car Seat Mount: This particular Car mount provides you a full 360 degree flexibility for your iPad mini. This 18 inch car mount can be set up in the center where you can place your iPad mini and get the best usage of your GPS system. It’s easy to install and flexible to use. You can place you iPad mini in landscape or portrait viewing mode as per your requirement.

iPad Mini Headrest Mount: IPad mini can be the best source of entertainment tool for people on the backseat.  A nice game, movie or TV show can keep your folks occupied and entertained on long trips. This adjustable iPad Mini headrest Mount is a perfect solution for viewing pleasure. It’s flexible still sturdy and the best option to use your iPad mini in the car for entertainment.

iPad Mini Dashboard and Windshield Mounts: If you are looking for a car mount that can give you a complete 360 degree rotation to you iPad mini, then look no further. These car mounts are perfect when you are using your iPad mini as a GPS, Route planner, jukebox or anything you desire. You can mount it on your dashboard as well as on the windshield whichever suits you better.

Apple iPad Mini 360 Adjustable Car Windshield Suction Mount: This is one of the most popular high grade car mount for iPad mini. This car mount comes with a special suction technology that can perfectly fit on car windshield.  It has 360 degree turn, so allowing you to make the most out of your iPad mini.

iPad Mini – Car Yoke Mount: This particular car mount is sturdy and best to use your iPad mini inside a car or an airplane. The unique X-Grip mounting system can fit on almost any kind of surface or case. The C clamp gives the mount a nice grip on glare shields or other self like surfaces. Socket technology gives freedom to do any kind of placing adjustments with your iPad mini.

Car mounts are the best accessories for your iPad mini. It’s a better way to utilize your precious gadget in a safe and convenient way.

8 Best iPod Cases for 7th Generation iPod Nano

iPod Cases for iPod Nano
iPod Cases for 7th Gen iPod Nano


If you own an Apple product whether an iPhone, iPod or iPad, it doesn’t seem complete without a proper case added to carry it around. The style look and feel of these cases has changed eventually with new generation of Apple products being launched year by year. Here we have listed “8 Best iPod Cases for 7th Generation iPod Nano”.

Being the thinnest model of iPod Nano ever made, the Apple’s 7th Generation iPod Nano also boasts of the largest screen as well. Hence being in an all new form, you will require a fresh case for your new iPod Nano.

Take a look at these 8 best cases for your 7th Generation iPod Nano:

1. Cygnett Holster Hybrid Case

Cygnett is the brand that comes to my mind when we talk about cases. 4 products out of the 8 listed here are from Cygnett. The first on the list is Cygnett Holster which is a dual material and has a clip on the back that can be attached on your clothing.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/black-and-green-holster-hybrid-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html

2. Air Jacket Hard Crystal Case

Next on our list is Air Jacket Hard Crystal Case. This is the most durable iPod Nano case among the list and is made out of hard plastic that protects the front edges, sides and back of your gadget, while you can access the ports and buttons. This Crystal case comes in different set of colors such as black, yellow, white and purple.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0099UPE1C/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_9GNDqb1GFJBJ5

3. Cygnett Second Skin Silicon Case

The second Cygnett case that makes it on our list is Cygnett Second Skin Silicon Case. As the name suggests, it’s almost like a second skin to your iPod Nano with raise edges to give that extra protection. It gives a soft touch feeling on the device hence making the center button easily accessible. Cygnett Second Skin Silicon case is available in 2 colors i.e  Red and Black.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/black-second-skin-silicone-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html

4. i-Blason Sport Armband

Cases same as their gadgets have evolved as per the needs of the user. One such evolution of cases came as a sporting Armband case for iPod Nano. I-Blason Sport Armband case is the most stylish Armband accessory for the 7th generation iPod Nano.  Mostly used while jogging or working out at gyms, this armband lets you listen to your nano hands-free. It’s available in black and pink colors. The case strap is made of soft stretchy Velcro with a separate silicon case to hold your Nano.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008UKAY5I/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_3NNDqb092M3FJ

5. Cygnett FlexiGel

Cygnett FlexiGel is yet another soft feel iPod Nano case with scratch and impact resistant features because of its gel form base. It has a vibrant glossy finish with raised edges on the corners to offer screen-down protection and gives access to all functions of your iPod Nano with the case on. It’s available in black, purple and pink colors.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/purple-flexigel-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html

6. CrazyOn Digital Ionic Active Sport Armband

CrazyOn Digital’s Ionic Active Sport Armband for iPod Nano, I feel is the most stylist iPod accessories on the list. As it is made up of neoprene material, this armband gives maximum stretching for comfort and protection. Active Sport Armband is available in black, blue, purple and silver gray colors. Featuring a sporty look, this armband is the most colorful option for joggers and gym-goers.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0099UPQQU/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_CANDqb165251A

7. CrazyOn Digital Ionic Slim Slider Case

CrazyOn Digital’s Ionic Slim Slider Case is one of the slimmest cases for your 7th generation iPod Nano. It’s so slim that once put on your iPod Nano its gives the same tactile feel as if you are using the device without a case at all. It’s made from TPU – a plastic and silicon hybrid. This Slim Slider case gives complete shock protection and has scratch resistive properties. It’s available in 4 different colors.

Ref: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0099UPRS2/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_dKNDqb1FDHARG

8. Cygnett Action Wristband Case

And last but not the least that making it to the list is a wristband from Cygnett. The Cygnett Action is a snap-on wristband case that provides a perfect alternative to other armband cases. Like the armband cases, Cygnett Action is also a perfect training partner with an easier access to all functions. Cygnett Action features a feather light silicon case along with integrated snap-on wristband.

Ref: http://www.cygnett.com/ipod/action-nano-case-for-ipod-nano-7.html


League Of Legends For Mac – Is It Worth It?


Today I thought I should talk a bit about my experience with league of legends, both as a game and as a sport , since I have been playing this game for quite a while . Also keep in mind that the game has recently been released for Mac OS X , so there’s another reason why I am talking about this .  The video for this review is supposed to be funny and only partially serious. This written review is more formal, I guess.

Firstly, I think I should start with the good things that this game offers. League of Legends offers its players a fun little game in which you pick a champion / hero and you go against other champions / heroes controlled either by an AI or another player . This idea of an arena-like battle is really appealing as all it takes to win in a one on one battle is having more knowledge of the game . Losing in such a fight provides you with an experience from which you will learn more about the game.

Secondly , the reason this game is so brilliant is that it has that one more page feel to it . After finishing a match you might feel like you want to play more and more, the game essentially becoming a time sink. You will want to play more, unlock more champions and learn about this simple looking, yet complex game . I honestly this is why this game is appealing; by just looking at it online you will probably say to yourself that is looks easy enough, but in fact it’s really hard to master, like most competitive games .

Furthermore, as I have said, this game is really competitive, so competitive that it has the biggest esports scene. Esports stands for entertainment sports, basically meaning games played as sports. Once you get to ranked games (unlocked at level 30), you start getting a feel for this , as losing will mean that you get downgraded to less important leagues .

However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. One gripe that I have with this game is that it really doesn’t teach you everything and I am not talking about knowing what every champion does   The small stuff, like the fact that you take turret aggro if you hit an enemy champion near such a turret or that the damage that turrets do gets bigger with every consecutive hit on you . It doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the game, which means that you need to either research yourself or have somebody tell you this. Sadly, this very thing might put a lot of people off.

What is more, the community can sometimes be a bit too stressful, since a few mistakes in a game can lead to a defeat. Before you know it people start flaming you (a term used to say that somebody starts to say not so nice things about you). Flaming leads to you flaming and lead to the whole team falling apart. This means that the team will not have synergy, something that teams need in order to win most games. Keep in mind that the good folks at Riot Studios have been applying a lot of new measures to keep flaming to a bare minimum.

Also, the launcher and the game itself is sometimes a bit buggy, the game crashing after you finish a match or if you alt tab out of the game while it is loading. I know it’s a free to play game, but it has been out for a couple of years now, so that’s not an excuse .

Overall, I have been having a great time with this game for the past 2 years now, playing it when I had the time, both with friends and on my own. It provides its players with a fantastic MOBA experience, filled with a lot of great moments , but sadly some that might effect how some feel for this game .  There are a lot of champions to play and most are really hard to master, except for Garen … he is just easy.

Hopefully you understood the points that I had to make about this game. It’s really fun, competitive and above all free! So go ahead and try it out over at www.leagueoflegends.com . If you liked this written review be sure to check out the video, for a more comedic approach to this game. My name is the Great Eops and I am signing off !

iPhone 5 Speaker Dock – Which One Is The Best?

The new iPhone 5 came with a new connector, losing the 30-pin Dock connector, for a smaller, faster and better “Lightning” port. However, that came with its certain disadvantages as well, as all legacy accessories that worked up to the iPhone 4S are now useless. Obviously, manufacturers quickly caught up, by releasing accessories compatible with the new Apple handset. With so many new options on the market today, which one is the best iPhone 5 speaker dock?

iphone 5 speaker dockThe speaker dock is by far one of the most popular iPhone 5 accessories. It’s the best way to transform your smartphone into a room-filling jukebox, while still charging it. It’s also a nice place to store your iPhone whenever you are at home – that’s because you can always remember where you’ve put it and never again ask another family member or friend to call you so you can find it.

Top 3 iPhone 5 Speaker Docks

Bose has quickly issued an update to its popular SoundDock series, making the 3rd generation SoundDock compatible with the last-generation iPhone. However, the quick transition didn’t leave too much room for other improvements, so the $250 Bose is asking for will only buy you something very similar to the SoundDock series II, which is after all a 5 year old audio system.

iphone 5 speaker dockIn appearance, sans the new Lightning connector, there is no difference between the latest SoundDock model and its predecessor. However, despite its age it is still a handsome design that you would like to show off on your desk. You get true Bose quality here, but without any Airplay or Bluetooth connectivity. That means your device has to be in the dock connector at all times in order to play music. There’s a remote, though, with which you can control the sound system, so you don’t have to go to your iPhone every time you want to raise the volume or skip a song.

The differences in sound quality are nonexistent as well. It still sounds very good, as with all Bose devices, but not good enough to justify the $250 price tag. Since 2008, when the SoundDock system too originally launched, the speaker industry has gone a long way, and you can buy a similar system for maybe even $100 less. Although Bose has the brand recognition on its side, it’s not the iPhone 5 speaker dock we recommend.

Philips has released some of the cheapest iPhone 5 speaker docks on the market today, the $80 DS1155 clock dock and the $90 DS3205 speaker dock. They are undoubtedly some of the most affordable Lightning speakers yet to be available.

philips-ds1155Somehow similar to the updates Bose made, the new Philips models resemble earlier designs. The clock dock is still a UFO-shaped speaker that includes a clock and a night light, all in a compact design, just 7-inch long in diameter.

Unlike the Bose designs however, these don’t feel premium. They are mostly made out of black fabric and some cheap plastic, but for the price, we can’t complain. The more expensive, $90 model resembles a tall angled bowl.philips iphone 5 speaker dock

The sound quality is not the best, but it’s the one you would expect from such a price point. When you hit the maximum volume level, you’re likely to hear some distorted sound, although admittedly, these two models sound better than the JBL OnBeat Micro, which is a bit more expensive.

All in all, if you’re on a budget, these are two of the best iPhone 5 speaker docks we recommend.

JBL’s OnBeat Venue LT is the last iPhone 5 speaker dock we will review today, and it’s worthy of our recommendation. For just $199 you get a quality speaker dock that has only one noteworthy flaw.

jbl onbeat venue LTSimilar to its predecessor, that used the now-obsolete 30-pin dock connector, the OnBeat Venue LT can operate wireless as well as while the iPhone is docked. However, the design is quite different and it may not be suitable for most modern homes. Check the pictures for yourself and decide whether it’s right for you or not.

The controls are a little unusual, mainly because there is no remote control, something pretty weird for a $200 audio system. Despite these apparent drawbacks, the JBL system makes up for the flaws where it matters the most: in the way it sounds. You’ll be amazed at how loud the little thing can get, and how good the bass is. Overall, the sound is solid and balanced, while not being somehow exceptional. It’s very good value for your money.

These are just three of the most popular iPhone speaker docks that make use of the Lightning connector and are thus compatible with the latest Apple handset. It’s up to you to decide which iPhone 5 speaker dock fits your needs the best.

What is the iMac?

The iMac is the home computer all in one package that Apple currently sells in order to compete with the more popular personal computer.  There have been several different models in the past decade, each one improving upon the last in order to give users a better produce that allows them to do more, store more, and browse more all at a fair price that gives customers a pretty good bang for their buck.

When did Apple start making iMacs

One of the first questions people started to ask when the iMac was announced was basically what is an iMac. The first iMac came out in 1998 and a new concept was introduced along with it, something that hadn’t really been seen much before in the past with modern computers: an all in one system. The first iMacs looked like your standard large monitor of the day, but that nice thing about these iMac was that the computer itself and the monitor were all packaged as one component. This meant that you could place it where you would want your monitor to go and you wouldn’t have to worry about placing a tower anywhere.

What made the iMac sell so well

The iMac was an easy to use computer that came with everything you need straight out of the box. Its simple operating system was, and still is, a major factor in the popularity of the iMac. Since 1998, millions of iMacs have been sold around the world as there has always been a fairly strong market for both PCs and iMacs. What may be one of the biggest selling points however is the aforementioned all in one composition which makes storing and utilizing it so much easier than with most computers before it.

iMacs today

iMacs Today


As the years go by, Apple has continually been looking at the previous iMac generations and coming up with new ways to improve upon them. This can be something as simple as designing a new mouse in order to make a user’s hand more comfortable, or it can be something truly groundbreaking such as setting the internal parts of the computer in the stand for the screen. This has really taken the all in one concept to a whole new level of functionality since you can have an entire computer system, speakers, monitor, and computer, all for the size of a standard monitor.

Since processor and memory speed have both been increasing quite a bit recently, and especially since the first iMac came out, it is important to keep the newest generations of iMacs going strong in order to run the newest games and programs. The iMac 27 is the newest iteration of the iMac, with a 27 inch screen, you can easily fit plenty of boxes or programs on your screen at once to help you make better use of your iMac.

When people ask what are iMacs, they can expect to find an answer that deals with an iMac being a solid computer that has excellent support behind it and decades of research going into it in order to give customers value for the money they spend on it.

How To Upgrade Your iMac’s RAM

While iMacs are designed to be sleek, streamlined machines, there are times when you may want some extra performance power without having to buy a completely new computer. This is when being able to upgrade your iMac RAM will be extremely useful since it can be done in only a few easy steps depending on what kind of model you have.

How to upgrade your iMac RAM

Upgrading your computer’s RAM really depends on what sort of model you have. The common element among all iMacs is that you can install iMac RAM underneath the screen in slots that are designed to be easy to access. This should cover the most basic ways to upgrade an iMac’s memory.

  1. Be sure your iMac is shut off in order to cool down all of the components inside and so that nothing is loaded while you are either removing older sticks of RAM, or installing new ones.
  2. Take all the cords running to the iMac out and unplug the power cord. This is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the installation, and so that you are not dealing with an electrified board which may be dangerous if left plugged in.
  3. Put something down on your table or wherever you are planning on installing the iMac memory so that the screen doesn’t get scratched or damaged, and to protect the surface of the table.
  4. Turn the computer over face down with the bottom pointed towards you in order to have easy access to the memory access door.
  5. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen the screws that hold the access door to the computer. Once the access door is completely off, keep it close so it doesn’t get lost.
  6. There should be a tab or tabs that are inside the compartment. For replacing iMac RAM, you’ll want to kind of pull on these tabs in order to get the old RAM sticks to come out before you try putting the new ones in.
  7. Putting the pin side of the memory stick inside the computer first, place the RAM stick into the slot gently in order to fix it into place. You should hear a clicking noise once it is firmly in place.
  8. Re-tuck the tabs the same way that you found them when you opened the iMac up. This makes room for the access door which you’ll now be putting back on in order to close it all up.
  9. Hook all of your cables back up and boot up the computer. If the installation went well, your computer should boot up just fine and you’ll notice an increase in performance.

If the computer refuses to reboot, try repeating the steps again, taking care to make sure you don’t damage anything or try forcing the sticks into place. Try another reboot, if it doesn’t work, try swapping out the new sticks for the older iMac memory sticks. If that solves the problem, there may be something wrong with your new RAM sticks.

Benefits of increasing your iMac’s RAM

The main reason why people take steps to increase the amount of RAM in their iMacs is because more memory will usually lead to an increase in performance. Your computer should run faster, programs will run quicker, start up faster, and there shouldn’t be any choppiness in videos or other graphically intensive animations.  Computers will naturally start to slow down after a couple of years due to the number of programs that have been installed on it, as well as a progression of games and programs that take up larger and larger amounts of memory. Some programs just need more memory than others, if you start using a program like this regularly, you might notice a reduction in speed. Installing a brand new program may even require you to get more RAM for your iMac since your computer may not be able to handle the processing needs of the new program with specs from years ago.

Upgrading your iMac’s memory is also a very cheap alternative to buying a new computer altogether. Buying memory sticks can cost you anywhere from $50-$100 or more depending on how much RAM you would like to add. This can give you pretty close to the performance of a brand new computer at a fraction of the price. On top of all of this, you don’t even have to deal with transferring files over to a new computer!

Where to find iMac RAM

Most people, when they are looking to upgrade their iMac RAM, will order their memory somewhere online at one of the many web-based computer and electronics shops around. These sites can run the range from mega retailers such as Amazon, to smaller niche market sites like NewEgg. You will usually find the best deals online, and the widest selection. The only drawback is you may have to wait a couple of days before you have it in your hand, and there is a chance you might have to pay for shipping.

Most computer repair shops should have some iMac RAM on hand which would allow you to get it installed that day and enjoying it hours later. There may not be as large of a selection, but the people there should know exactly how to use it and can give you pointers and possibly even install it for you. The price will probably be higher at a computer shop for iMac memory but it might be well worth it in order to have it installed that day and by someone who knows what they are doing to ensure that everything goes right.

If you are looking to upgrade an iMac’s memory, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure that you have a good grasp on either installing new memory, or replacing old memory sticks so that you can have your iMac running at full speed quickly and without incident.

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