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Almost all modern countries these days have different modes of communication, and telephone as well as mobile phone communication is now considered a major source of communication.  Almost everyone these days own a mobile phone, and almost everyone has owned their very own cellular phone number.  But does anyone ever stop to ask where these numbers come from, who manages them, and what happens whenever you throw one away?

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications company in the United States, providing service all over the country to millions of people.  They are the number one provider of telecommunication services, but even giant telecommunication companies need help from time to time.  Most big organizations and companies will never grow as large as they are now without outsourcing most of their tasks to other companies.  Such tasks like engineering, shipping, maintenance issues and accountancy problems are all handled by different outsourced companies, and this in turn provides not only service to large companies but also to the ones issuing the service.  One such service is a holding service company, and that is what Blue licenses holding LLC is all about.

 Blue licenses holding LLC – Who are they?

If you are a normal telecom consumer, then you’d have owned a mobile phone if you do not own one right now.  These mobile phones usually come from a service provided by a telecommunications company.  It will mainly depend which country you are in, but when it comes to the United States of America, then your cellular phone number probably came from AT&T.  It then stands to reason that because AT&T is the number one telecom provider in the US, it means that they control almost 90%, is not all the market share of telecom business in the US right?  Perhaps that is true, but if you are a curious consumer or you performed a reverse look up telephone number to locate a certain person, then you would probably be surprised if AT&T is not the company that answers your query.  If you do a quick Google search for a mobile phone or a reverse search for a mobile or telephone number, then you would probably be bombarded with a million pages of information that is surprisingly not connected to AT&T at all.  This is no cause for alarm, because this is completely normal, at least that is the way AT&T does business.

To make it perfectly clear, AT&T is a really large multinational company, and what large multinational companies do is lease out and outsource most of their tasks to several other companies, depending on the service that they need.  In this case, they lease out some of the millions of their telephone and cellular phone numbers to several holding companies so that the different holding companies, in turn, can either lease them out to other companies for profit or provide the service to consumers directly.  Blue licenses holding provides this such service to AT&T, in that they buy or lease out a majority of the phone numbers to be able to turn a profit.

Blue licenses holding LLC – General information and how they can help

Holding companies, like Blue licenses holding LLC, do not really own any form of product.  They just provide a certain kind of service, in this case phone numbers from AT&T, buy it in bulk and sell them at a profit.  This move is not limited to mobile phones though, and is seen to be as profitable using other forms of investment like physical consumer products, investments like stock and currency, and other physical products like property and real estate.  They are what others in the industry might call a “middle man” – they exist just to hand out a particular service from the service provider to the consumers.

If they serve as “middle men”, then what actual service can they provide?  There are several, and they can be enumerated below:

  • Reverse lookup of phone.  A “reverse search” is a term used for mobile phone number search or a simple telephone search.  It might be for different reasons, but the most common ones are: (1) If an individual wants to locate an individual using a phone number through listings and mobile numbers, or;  (2) If an individual wants to learn and put a stop to receiving prank calls.  If Blue licenses holding own the particular number in question, then they have the personal information of the mobile or telephone number owner in their files.  Depending on the situation, they can probably provide you with the information that you need, regarding that the reason is valid, and of course for a certain fee.
  • Information regarding a mobile phone number search.  Performing a reverse mobile lookup is not the only reason any individual might find Blue licenses holding useful, as they might be looking for a particular service or product connected to a particular cellular phone number.
  • General details regarding your cellular phone number.  If Blue licenses holding LLC deems it necessary, they can withhold certain information of the owner of a cellular phone number, provided that they own the particular number in question

 Blue licenses holding and their connection to AT&T

As previously said AT&T, being the 7th largest telecommunication company in the United States, servicing the entire country as well as the whole world, is such a large company that they will definitely have trouble keeping track of all the phone numbers that they give out to the general public for consumption.  Blue licenses holding LLC, being a holding company for AT&T, manages majority of these telephone and cellular phone numbers and sometimes leases them out to other smaller telecom providers for additional profit.  It not only releases the strain of cellular phone number management from a huge company like AT&T, but it also provides menial profit to other smaller companies as well.

Blue licenses holding LLC – Summary

The next time you try to lookup phone numbers or reverse search a cellular phone number; do not be surprised if you come across Blue licenses holding.  They technically own most of the phone numbers from AT&T, and this makes them one of the largest holding companies in the world.  If you need help on your reverse search or for a mobile phone number search for looking up a person through phone number or just simply want to know who is behind all the prank calls you have been receiving, then it might be a good idea to ask the services of Blue licenses holding, seeing as they might be the ones who own the particular information that you are after.

Since Apple is one of AT&T’s main customers, it’s only logical that a lot of iPhone numbers are actually being provided by Blue Licenses. At this time, there is no such thing as an official, dedicated Blue Licenses Holding LLC website, and therefore I thought it would be useful if I created such a page, where anyone seeking information about the subject could easily find it.



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