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Hearthstone For Mac Review

I was really happy to find a key in my email a few days ago and it just wouldn’t be fair to not provide any feedback . I’ve been playing this game for 3 days now and I think it’s really good , but it’s not ready for a release , as much as everybody would like this game to be released , there are simply for issues that blizzard needs to fix .I should also mention that I have tested the game both on a Mac and on a PC .  I’m going to start with the minor things that Blizzard needs to fix , because you probably know the good things about this game .


Two days ago , after the maintenance the European servers were having problems such as players not being able to find matches and getting disconnected from matches , both with other players and with bots. This issue got fixed , pretty soon so props to Blizzard , but such problems do seem to reoccur from time to time which is slightly inconvenient. However it does raise  questions about the server stability and honestly I believe this is the main reason this game hasn’t been released … they know that they need to stress test their servers , they do not want to repeat the Diablo day one incident !

The game is also not 100 % stable and it does stop working sometimes , but when it works it works fantastically . I does cap at 30 frames . but honestly you won’t notice any difference . The game does drop some frames when certain animations play , but most notably when you find an opponent . It also doesn’t seem to have 30 frames on the mac , but that might actually be the laptops’s fault since it is a macbook air , but I do use it to edit HD footage and it handles it fairly well . There are also a few visual bugs like cards that you return to your hand remaining on the field or text disappearing from the cards .

Other than that , the game is an addicting TCG . I has that just one more match thing that League has , but the main difference is that matches in HS take only a handful of minutes if you have both luck and skill . I do like that there is a bit of luck involved since it means that you need to be flexible and adapt to your opponent’s plays and to what the game gives you to work with .

You can’t directly buy power , you can get the cards necessary to get a strong deck together , but it does involve a bit of luck and a lot of money , since pack do cost a lot and more often than not the give you 4 commons and a rare . You can get them by just playing . It’s about 2 days if you’re not willing to farm , farm and farm .

The classes also seem  balanced enough , they could be balanced even better , but it’s pretty hard to balance a game with 9 different classes that play differently . Even so , there isn’t a class that simply is better than all .
Arena is also a nice feature .  You do have to grind a fair bit of gold to enter it , but when you do the game changes quite a bit . It becomes more random I guess and it requires you to be more flexible , since you can’t have the best deck possible . I had a lot of fun in arena , even if I didn’t win more than 4 matches . That’s another thing there are a very few plays that feel cheep , one is the priest double health , change to attack play , but even that can be  countered if you have the right card in your hand .

The game is definitely a bit on the overhyped side , but it does have good reasons . It is the next internet crack . The way Blizzard handles it is also done well .Sure , they do send people duplicate keys and do give people who do not own any games on keys .  Some might say  that it could be released right now , but that would probably make it unplayable , since even blizzard isn’t sure how many people will be playing this on release . The best they can do is get a few people in on a daily basis , WITHOUT sending account who are in the beta other keys , and simply testing the servers until they feel that they can go for an open beta . So all you have to do is wait .. it definitely won’t be long until they release .

Best Car Mount Options Available for iPad Mini


Car Mount fir iPad Mini
Car Mount for iPad

IPad mini car mounting kits are a way to increase the resourcefulness of your new gadget. Now, It is not just one of your flashy accessories, iPad mini car mount can be very useful especially when you are out for a long journey. These car mounts are handy and can be the best way to use your iPad to entertain kids on the backseat or on the dashboard for GPS or other navigational aids.

Let’s look at the best range of different types of Car Mounts for iPad Mini:

iPad Mini Car Seat Mount: This particular Car mount provides you a full 360 degree flexibility for your iPad mini. This 18 inch car mount can be set up in the center where you can place your iPad mini and get the best usage of your GPS system. It’s easy to install and flexible to use. You can place you iPad mini in landscape or portrait viewing mode as per your requirement.

iPad Mini Headrest Mount: IPad mini can be the best source of entertainment tool for people on the backseat.  A nice game, movie or TV show can keep your folks occupied and entertained on long trips. This adjustable iPad Mini headrest Mount is a perfect solution for viewing pleasure. It’s flexible still sturdy and the best option to use your iPad mini in the car for entertainment.

iPad Mini Dashboard and Windshield Mounts: If you are looking for a car mount that can give you a complete 360 degree rotation to you iPad mini, then look no further. These car mounts are perfect when you are using your iPad mini as a GPS, Route planner, jukebox or anything you desire. You can mount it on your dashboard as well as on the windshield whichever suits you better.

Apple iPad Mini 360 Adjustable Car Windshield Suction Mount: This is one of the most popular high grade car mount for iPad mini. This car mount comes with a special suction technology that can perfectly fit on car windshield.  It has 360 degree turn, so allowing you to make the most out of your iPad mini.

iPad Mini – Car Yoke Mount: This particular car mount is sturdy and best to use your iPad mini inside a car or an airplane. The unique X-Grip mounting system can fit on almost any kind of surface or case. The C clamp gives the mount a nice grip on glare shields or other self like surfaces. Socket technology gives freedom to do any kind of placing adjustments with your iPad mini.

Car mounts are the best accessories for your iPad mini. It’s a better way to utilize your precious gadget in a safe and convenient way.

iPhone 5 Speaker Dock – Which One Is The Best?

The new iPhone 5 came with a new connector, losing the 30-pin Dock connector, for a smaller, faster and better “Lightning” port. However, that came with its certain disadvantages as well, as all legacy accessories that worked up to the iPhone 4S are now useless. Obviously, manufacturers quickly caught up, by releasing accessories compatible with the new Apple handset. With so many new options on the market today, which one is the best iPhone 5 speaker dock?

iphone 5 speaker dockThe speaker dock is by far one of the most popular iPhone 5 accessories. It’s the best way to transform your smartphone into a room-filling jukebox, while still charging it. It’s also a nice place to store your iPhone whenever you are at home – that’s because you can always remember where you’ve put it and never again ask another family member or friend to call you so you can find it.

Top 3 iPhone 5 Speaker Docks

Bose has quickly issued an update to its popular SoundDock series, making the 3rd generation SoundDock compatible with the last-generation iPhone. However, the quick transition didn’t leave too much room for other improvements, so the $250 Bose is asking for will only buy you something very similar to the SoundDock series II, which is after all a 5 year old audio system.

iphone 5 speaker dockIn appearance, sans the new Lightning connector, there is no difference between the latest SoundDock model and its predecessor. However, despite its age it is still a handsome design that you would like to show off on your desk. You get true Bose quality here, but without any Airplay or Bluetooth connectivity. That means your device has to be in the dock connector at all times in order to play music. There’s a remote, though, with which you can control the sound system, so you don’t have to go to your iPhone every time you want to raise the volume or skip a song.

The differences in sound quality are nonexistent as well. It still sounds very good, as with all Bose devices, but not good enough to justify the $250 price tag. Since 2008, when the SoundDock system too originally launched, the speaker industry has gone a long way, and you can buy a similar system for maybe even $100 less. Although Bose has the brand recognition on its side, it’s not the iPhone 5 speaker dock we recommend.

Philips has released some of the cheapest iPhone 5 speaker docks on the market today, the $80 DS1155 clock dock and the $90 DS3205 speaker dock. They are undoubtedly some of the most affordable Lightning speakers yet to be available.

philips-ds1155Somehow similar to the updates Bose made, the new Philips models resemble earlier designs. The clock dock is still a UFO-shaped speaker that includes a clock and a night light, all in a compact design, just 7-inch long in diameter.

Unlike the Bose designs however, these don’t feel premium. They are mostly made out of black fabric and some cheap plastic, but for the price, we can’t complain. The more expensive, $90 model resembles a tall angled iphone 5 speaker dock

The sound quality is not the best, but it’s the one you would expect from such a price point. When you hit the maximum volume level, you’re likely to hear some distorted sound, although admittedly, these two models sound better than the JBL OnBeat Micro, which is a bit more expensive.

All in all, if you’re on a budget, these are two of the best iPhone 5 speaker docks we recommend.

JBL’s OnBeat Venue LT is the last iPhone 5 speaker dock we will review today, and it’s worthy of our recommendation. For just $199 you get a quality speaker dock that has only one noteworthy flaw.

jbl onbeat venue LTSimilar to its predecessor, that used the now-obsolete 30-pin dock connector, the OnBeat Venue LT can operate wireless as well as while the iPhone is docked. However, the design is quite different and it may not be suitable for most modern homes. Check the pictures for yourself and decide whether it’s right for you or not.

The controls are a little unusual, mainly because there is no remote control, something pretty weird for a $200 audio system. Despite these apparent drawbacks, the JBL system makes up for the flaws where it matters the most: in the way it sounds. You’ll be amazed at how loud the little thing can get, and how good the bass is. Overall, the sound is solid and balanced, while not being somehow exceptional. It’s very good value for your money.

These are just three of the most popular iPhone speaker docks that make use of the Lightning connector and are thus compatible with the latest Apple handset. It’s up to you to decide which iPhone 5 speaker dock fits your needs the best.

What is the iMac?

The iMac is the home computer all in one package that Apple currently sells in order to compete with the more popular personal computer.  There have been several different models in the past decade, each one improving upon the last in order to give users a better produce that allows them to do more, store more, and browse more all at a fair price that gives customers a pretty good bang for their buck.

When did Apple start making iMacs

One of the first questions people started to ask when the iMac was announced was basically what is an iMac. The first iMac came out in 1998 and a new concept was introduced along with it, something that hadn’t really been seen much before in the past with modern computers: an all in one system. The first iMacs looked like your standard large monitor of the day, but that nice thing about these iMac was that the computer itself and the monitor were all packaged as one component. This meant that you could place it where you would want your monitor to go and you wouldn’t have to worry about placing a tower anywhere.

What made the iMac sell so well

The iMac was an easy to use computer that came with everything you need straight out of the box. Its simple operating system was, and still is, a major factor in the popularity of the iMac. Since 1998, millions of iMacs have been sold around the world as there has always been a fairly strong market for both PCs and iMacs. What may be one of the biggest selling points however is the aforementioned all in one composition which makes storing and utilizing it so much easier than with most computers before it.

iMacs today

iMacs Today


As the years go by, Apple has continually been looking at the previous iMac generations and coming up with new ways to improve upon them. This can be something as simple as designing a new mouse in order to make a user’s hand more comfortable, or it can be something truly groundbreaking such as setting the internal parts of the computer in the stand for the screen. This has really taken the all in one concept to a whole new level of functionality since you can have an entire computer system, speakers, monitor, and computer, all for the size of a standard monitor.

Since processor and memory speed have both been increasing quite a bit recently, and especially since the first iMac came out, it is important to keep the newest generations of iMacs going strong in order to run the newest games and programs. The iMac 27 is the newest iteration of the iMac, with a 27 inch screen, you can easily fit plenty of boxes or programs on your screen at once to help you make better use of your iMac.

When people ask what are iMacs, they can expect to find an answer that deals with an iMac being a solid computer that has excellent support behind it and decades of research going into it in order to give customers value for the money they spend on it.

How To Upgrade Your iMac’s RAM

While iMacs are designed to be sleek, streamlined machines, there are times when you may want some extra performance power without having to buy a completely new computer. This is when being able to upgrade your iMac RAM will be extremely useful since it can be done in only a few easy steps depending on what kind of model you have.

How to upgrade your iMac RAM

Upgrading your computer’s RAM really depends on what sort of model you have. The common element among all iMacs is that you can install iMac RAM underneath the screen in slots that are designed to be easy to access. This should cover the most basic ways to upgrade an iMac’s memory.

  1. Be sure your iMac is shut off in order to cool down all of the components inside and so that nothing is loaded while you are either removing older sticks of RAM, or installing new ones.
  2. Take all the cords running to the iMac out and unplug the power cord. This is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the installation, and so that you are not dealing with an electrified board which may be dangerous if left plugged in.
  3. Put something down on your table or wherever you are planning on installing the iMac memory so that the screen doesn’t get scratched or damaged, and to protect the surface of the table.
  4. Turn the computer over face down with the bottom pointed towards you in order to have easy access to the memory access door.
  5. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen the screws that hold the access door to the computer. Once the access door is completely off, keep it close so it doesn’t get lost.
  6. There should be a tab or tabs that are inside the compartment. For replacing iMac RAM, you’ll want to kind of pull on these tabs in order to get the old RAM sticks to come out before you try putting the new ones in.
  7. Putting the pin side of the memory stick inside the computer first, place the RAM stick into the slot gently in order to fix it into place. You should hear a clicking noise once it is firmly in place.
  8. Re-tuck the tabs the same way that you found them when you opened the iMac up. This makes room for the access door which you’ll now be putting back on in order to close it all up.
  9. Hook all of your cables back up and boot up the computer. If the installation went well, your computer should boot up just fine and you’ll notice an increase in performance.

If the computer refuses to reboot, try repeating the steps again, taking care to make sure you don’t damage anything or try forcing the sticks into place. Try another reboot, if it doesn’t work, try swapping out the new sticks for the older iMac memory sticks. If that solves the problem, there may be something wrong with your new RAM sticks.

Benefits of increasing your iMac’s RAM

The main reason why people take steps to increase the amount of RAM in their iMacs is because more memory will usually lead to an increase in performance. Your computer should run faster, programs will run quicker, start up faster, and there shouldn’t be any choppiness in videos or other graphically intensive animations.  Computers will naturally start to slow down after a couple of years due to the number of programs that have been installed on it, as well as a progression of games and programs that take up larger and larger amounts of memory. Some programs just need more memory than others, if you start using a program like this regularly, you might notice a reduction in speed. Installing a brand new program may even require you to get more RAM for your iMac since your computer may not be able to handle the processing needs of the new program with specs from years ago.

Upgrading your iMac’s memory is also a very cheap alternative to buying a new computer altogether. Buying memory sticks can cost you anywhere from $50-$100 or more depending on how much RAM you would like to add. This can give you pretty close to the performance of a brand new computer at a fraction of the price. On top of all of this, you don’t even have to deal with transferring files over to a new computer!

Where to find iMac RAM

Most people, when they are looking to upgrade their iMac RAM, will order their memory somewhere online at one of the many web-based computer and electronics shops around. These sites can run the range from mega retailers such as Amazon, to smaller niche market sites like NewEgg. You will usually find the best deals online, and the widest selection. The only drawback is you may have to wait a couple of days before you have it in your hand, and there is a chance you might have to pay for shipping.

Most computer repair shops should have some iMac RAM on hand which would allow you to get it installed that day and enjoying it hours later. There may not be as large of a selection, but the people there should know exactly how to use it and can give you pointers and possibly even install it for you. The price will probably be higher at a computer shop for iMac memory but it might be well worth it in order to have it installed that day and by someone who knows what they are doing to ensure that everything goes right.

If you are looking to upgrade an iMac’s memory, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure that you have a good grasp on either installing new memory, or replacing old memory sticks so that you can have your iMac running at full speed quickly and without incident.

iPhone 5 on Sale – The Best Deals

The iPhone 5 is clearly an impressive device. The 6th generation of Apple’s handset boasts a 4 inch Retina display, a 8 MP full HD camera and a new, more powerful A6 processor. However, it all comes at a price, and a pretty steep one, as we’ve already get used to from previous generations.

T-Mobile has finally got its hands on the iPhone 5, making Apple’s latest smartphone available on every major U.S. wireless carrier there is. With so many possibilities, customers may get confused when searching for the best iPhone 5 price.

The aim of the article is to help potential buyers find out which carrier sells the handset for the cheapest price, and what other iPhone 5 on sale deals are out there.

Which Carrier Has The iPhone 5 on Sale?

Assuming we want unlimited voice minutes and text messages and at least 4GB of data per month, T-mobile is the clear winner of the price contest, with its total cost of ownership at just a bit above $2,200. That’s more than $1,000 cheaper than Sprint’s “Simply Everything” plan, that shoots the iPhone’s price up to more than $3,300.

AT&T and Verizon share the same price point at $2,840, still $600 more expensive than T-Mobile. Although our choices may come as extreme to most users (people don’t really need unlimited everything) it’s for an example only. We do believe, however, that 4GB of data is sensible in today’s LTE world.

Without doubt now is the absolute best time ever to be a T-Mobile consumer. Not only their offer is the cheapest, but you are not tied to any contract, and thus there are no early termination fees.

iphone 5 on sale

However, there are certain disadvantages to opting for T-Mobile too. For example, you can only use 500MB of data as a hotspot, and if you want more, then you have to pay extra. Moreover, when you exceed 5GB of data in any given month, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down your downloading and uploading speeds.

What’s more, T-Mobile doesn’t have the same kind of coverage as AT&T and Verizon in more rural areas. And while the 3G speeds are generally higher for T-Mobile, their coverage area is nothing when compared to Verizon’s.

It’s up for you to decide whether T-Mobile’s pricing scheme is worth giving up certain advantages in exchange for others. If you live in a big city, then you should be just fine.

The cheapest price you can get an iPhone 5 for, though, does not come from any of the four major U.S. carriers. Instead, Walmart offers the iPhone 5 for just $1,729 over two years, considerably cheaper than any other alternatives.

After having the popular iPhone 5 on sale during the Christmas holidays, where one could buy the iPhone 5 for just $127 on contract and the iPad 3 for just $399 ( the same as the non-Retina iPad 2), Walmart has gone into 2013 with a industry-shattering announcement: it would start selling iPhones for ridiculous low prices using StraightTalk, a carrier that does not use contracts.

You have to pay the full price for the phone upfront ($649 for the iPhone 5, that is) and then $45 a month for unlimited everything. That means that if you are a Sprint customer, you pay double the price the iPhone 5 costs at Walmart. ($3,300+ as opposed to just $1,700)

As you’ve seen there are plenty of options, each coming with its own benefits and downsides. You may also want to wait a bit more, as the price for the iPhone 5 is likely to go down once rumors of the next Apple handset, be it the iPhone 5S or a new iPhone 6, make their way to the Internet. For now, though, in this article you can find the best options if you want to buy an iPhone 5 on sale.

Touch Screen iMac – a Dream or a Reality?

iMac users have long been looking to increase the functionality of their computers by adding a touch screen option to their iMacs. A true touch screen iMac is something that Apple’s founder Steve Jobs did not seem to fond of, lamenting that people would get tired arms after just a few minutes of use. While at first this may seem like it makes sense, there are plenty of reasons why an iMac touch screen system would work well for all sorts of people. The consumers who can really benefit from a touch screen option include people who like to work with their hands, or those who might be using their iMacs for business. Another, sometimes overlooked segment, is young kids who may not be able to type very well, or at all, but can use a touch screen iMac to play educational games.

Touch Screen iMac for Business Use

Businesses can use a touch screen iMac if they were using their computer as a terminal. It can be much easier to just punch in numbers with a finger and print out receipts like that than with messing with a mouse or clicking in an out of other programs. This can find a widespread use in restaurants or other places where there are several people working at once and speed is important. Without the development of a touch screen iMac however, it is hard to tell exactly in what other ways it could affect businesses positively.

One possible other way however is that it may allow an expansion of tabletop entertainment systems. Many bars have games that are hooked into a touch screen computer that is made specifically for these games. With a touch screen iMac, bar owners can provide their patrons with a lower cost alternative to the several thousand dollar game machines, and offer them a wider variety of games, activities, or even internet browsing.

Touch Screen iMac for Educational Use

An iMac touch screen for educational purposes may be one of the most novel ways that touch screen technology could be utilized. Kids who now use non-interactive entertainment and educational mediums, such as TV, may have a lot to gain from being able to interact with their surroundings. Opening up the world of iMac apps to children can help kids learn to read and write at a younger age, as well as get along with others, and have an increased exposure to technology, helping them adapt to it later in their childhood.

Touch screens can also be used in grade schools, as well as pre-schools since iMacs can give kids instructions to point to something on the screen and then can respond once it’s been done. This is something that most schools or teachers have never had the ability to do until just a few years ago, once touch screen technology became cheap enough that an average consumer could afford it.

With so many possible uses for a touch screen iMac, there will probably be a time in the future where iMacs will come with optional touch screen technology. It may not appeal to everybody, but there is a niche market out there that would be well-served by a computer that doesn’t have to be run by a mouse and keyboard.

A Working Model Touch Screen iMac

touchscreen imacSince Apple hasn’t officially came out with a touch screen iMac, one enterprising company has developed a way using existing touch screen technology to turn 21 inch iMacs into a touch screen platform. The device is called the Zorro Macsk and is an adapter that fits over the screen of the smaller iMacs. The plate has receptors in it that read where you are dragging and clicking on the screen and translates that into similar mouse movements and actions to make it pretty much a true touch screen experience.

Buying the Zorro Macsk

In order to turn your iMac into a touch screen computer, you’ve first got to find a supplier for the Macsk. Since it is a little hard to find, you might have to do a little bit of digging to find one. Amazon seems to usually have some available for purchase even though their selection seems to be limited. This can be attributed to both high demand and low production of it, since it is sort of a niche device. At between $199-299, the price point does seem a little high for what it provides but if you find the right application for it, the Macsk would be well worth the price.

Installing the Macsk

Once you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Zorro Macsk, you then must go through the process of installing it on your iMac. The Macsk comes in a couple of parts which are fairly easy to assemble. You have the frame which goes on the outside of the screen and a special insert that goes in between the screen itself and the frame. While it does come with a set of easy to read instructions, it doesn’t take too long to figure out how to use it once you have it setup. Tapping on the screen once is like single clicking with a mouse. Double tapping is like double clicking with a mouse, and waving brushes things off the screen. What is a bit tricky is doing something like right-clicking since the Macsk can’t tell your right from your left hand.

Is the Macsk a Good Substitute for a Touch-Screen iMac?

Since there isn’t really any alternative to the Macsk right now, you can definitely say that the Macsk is a good substitute to having a non-touch screen iMac, if that is what you need. In the future if Apple does come out with a touch screen version of the iMac, the viability of the Macsk would be up in the air. If the feature comes standard on iMacs without a price increase, it will be impossible to reconcile paying extra for the Macsk. If there is an extra fee for the touch screen mode, the Macsk may still have a use, especially if the fee is quite a bit more than the standard price.

What Are The Best Speakers for iMac?

Getting superb sound out of your iMac doesn’t have to be hard if you know exactly what to look for in a speaker system. While some people may be happy with the factory installed iMac speakers, there may be those who are looking to splurge a bit on higher end systems. Whether these take the form of just an extra set of slightly larger speakers, or a complete iMac surround sound system, it is important that you know what seems to work well for other people, and  how to get the best price on your speakers.

iMac factory speakers

The speakers that come with the iMac should suffice if you don’t plan on listening to a lot of music, watching a lot of videos, or just generally not using sound a lot with your system. They are fairly strong and don’t have the fuzzy noise that you sometimes get from other internal computer speakers, but at the same time, if you have used external speakers before, you’ll notice a certain tonal quality missing with the factory installed speakers. Most of the time, owners will opt to get at least some sort of external speaker system to go with their iMac since it is nice to be able to get a full, rich sound out of a computer setup.

iMac external speakers

Finding a good pair of external speakers isn’t very hard since there are so many manufacturers out there who specialize in speakers for iMac systems. For those on a budget but who still want to get a fairly powerful sound, there are stand-alone speakers available from around $20 which should give your iMac quite a boost up from the standard factory speakers, while at the same time not costing you a whole lot extra. On the higher end of the price range, you can find $100 speakers that have adjustable controls for bass, treble, and additional I/O jacks for hooking them into an even larger system.

iMac surround sound systems

The ultimate in high quality sound for your iMac is a surround sound system. These typically start at around $150 and go up quite a bit from there. You can get a good Bose system for around $250-300 which will provide pretty close to the maximum amount of quality you can get from your sound card for a standard sized room. With 4-5 speakers plus a subwoofer, you will be immersed in quality sound making this option one of the best ways to get the most out of your speakers for your iMac.

Getting the best price

Finding cheap iMac speakers isn’t very hard these days with sites like eBay which currently have thousands of auctions going on for iMac speakers. If you don’t want to test out the used market, sites like NewEgg and Geeks usually have pretty good specials for iMac speakers, depending on the time of year, and how close we are to the release of a new iMac model. A little bit of research goes a long way in finding the best price for iMac speakers, but it will be well worth it if you can get a great deal.

Best Printers for iMac

iMacs are great for getting a lot of work done. Whether the kind of work you are doing is school work, office work, or just personal work, you will probably need a good printer to go along with your good computer. There are several iMac printers that work very well for any of these applications, spanning the spectrum from higher priced wireless models to more economical single-function models. Choosing the right printer for your iMac might take a little bit of time, but if do a bit of research, you can find one that matches your needs and budget pretty easily.

iMac printers for a home office

When you have an office in your house, or you do your work solely from your home, you will probably need a very nice printer that has the ability to do more than just print. The best printers for iMac users who need total functionality are able to copy, scan, and fax documents, add to this a wireless capability so that you can place your printer where it would be most convenient for you and you have yourself a machine that is comparable to a professional office all in one solution at a fraction of the cost.

imac printersEpson puts out great full package lines with its Artisan and Stylus models. These are functional, include all the capabilities you would need from a home office printer, and work great with your iMac. The difference between the lines deals primarily with price. The Artisan units start at around $279 new, mostly because they have a larger paper capacity and can print much faster than the Stylus. If you are only going to print a couple pages at a time or if time is not an issue for you, the Stylus can be picked up for around $69 which is about the lowest price you’re going to find for an iMac printer that can do so much.

iMac printers for presentations

Some people don’t need the added benefits of a scanner, copier, and fax machine in their printer, but may instead need their printer to be able to produce extremely good looking pages. These can be either regular black and white pages or full color, vibrant images. These kinds of iMac printers are great for the user who plans on printing out a lot of photos that they take or if they need to print images off of their computer regularly.

Canon has come out with a great option for this sort of “quality-first” printer in its PIXMA series. The PIXMA iP100 is an inkjet computer that has no problem hooking up wirelessly with your iMac. It produces magnificent images that appear great on paper because of its attention to detail. The printing rate is slow compared to most other iMac printers on the market today but that is just because it needs to be thorough in its approach in order to get the best look to the page being printed. These start at around $200 but is well worth it when you compare how printed pictures look when compared to less expensive models or models that aren’t specifically made for picture printing.

iMac printers for casual users

Not everyone needs a high quality printer that is capable of printing extremely high resolution images. Likewise, these same people may not need something that contains a built in fax machine if they never intend on using it. There are a number of middle of the road printers that have a good mix of speed and affordability that many people would like in a printer, but they wouldn’t necessarily even be using it hardly more than a couple times a week.

Samsung makes a great general purpose wireless iMac printer with its ML2500 series which combines quality with affordability. At $99, you are going to be hard pressed to find another iMac printer that is able to print pages as quickly as the ML2525 and have a wireless capability while staying near that price point.

These are just a few of the many printers for iMacs that would work for you. New printers are coming out all the time with advanced features and extra software that makes printing easier and expands upon the number of options you can choose from when you are getting ready to print a document.

iMac Accessories – Which Ones To Buy?

iMacs are great for home and office use, they are sleek, affordable, and are able to do pretty much anything you’d want a computer to do. There are a few iMac accessories that can help you use your iMac to its fullest extent. Chief among these are an iMac wireless keyboard, a good iMac speaker system, along with a few other accessories.

iMac Wireless Keyboard

imac wireless keyboard

Using a wireless keyboard with an iMac allows you to sit as far away from the computer as you want and still be able to type comfortably without being constrained by the length of a corded keyboard. Wireless keyboard technology has come a long way since companies started marketing them heavily to the public in the early 2000s. Early iMac wireless keyboard models, along with PC wireless keyboards, were prone to failing to recognize when some keystrokes were entered, making typing for long periods of time, such as writing a paper or sending emails, a chore because you had to go back so often.

Apple has really done a lot to improve this wireless technology and has been passing on their progress to their customers for quite a while now. The newest wireless keyboards have ranges that go beyond your house. You’ll want to find out the range of your iMac wireless keyboard before you setup your computer if you intend on doing a lot of your typing very far away. Realistically, most people will put their wireless keyboard on their desk where a wired keyboard would usually go but they won’t have to deal with wires. These extremely short ranges are typically no problem for iMac keyboards. The only issue that you might run into with range limitations is if you use a cheap 3rd party wireless keyboard. Generally, a wireless keyboard, whether it is made by Apple or a 3rd party, should in theory work pretty much anywhere in the same room. In practice, you might find that your 3rd party keyboard is starting to fail after anywhere from 6-12 months. This isn’t the case for all wireless keyboards, but it is something to keep in mind.

iMac Speakers

imac speakers

Every new iMac comes with speakers that are already packaged with the computer so that you will have sound without having to spend extra money on a speaker system. These iMac speakers do a great job by themselves, but sometimes you just want a little extra punch to go along with what you already have. This is where extra iMac speakers really come in handy, being able to add a complete surround sound system if you want something that expansive, or just a little added crispness and volume with an extra set of iMac speakers.

If you plan on using your iMac to watch a lot of movies, stream television, or create presentations, it might be worth investing a few extra dollars into a nice extra set of speakers. You can pick some up new from around $20 which will add a lot of depth to the already clear sound you’ll get from the stock speakers. Total surround sound systems are also available for the iMac, which start at around $80 and go up into the several hundred dollar range for top of the line models.

Speakers work a little differently than the wireless keyboards do when it comes to 3rd party manufacturers. In a lot of cases, a 3rd party is going to have a superior sound system and quality than anything which Apple puts out. This is simply because Apple isn’t really in the business of fine tuning and perfecting a completely encompassing sound experience. There are many companies which specifically tailor their products to Apple devices so that they work exceptionally well as iMac speakers. Bose makes a great surround sound system that can be used with the iMac, for a relatively low price if you are in the market for basic surround sound.

iMac Accessories


imac accessories

There are all sorts of iMac accessories on the market, if you can think of something practical for the iMac, chances are some company is selling some version of it. There are a few extras that seem to stand out from the rest when it comes to convenience and functionality. Finding a good iMac wireless mouse is essential when it comes to doing work more than a couple of feet away from the computer. If you are going to use a wireless keyboard for such a purpose, you are going to have to find a good wireless mouse to go along with it. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem as there are plenty of different wireless mice to choose from for the iMac. You can pick one up starting at $25 and go up from there depending on how nice of a wireless mouse you want. Every iMac wireless mouse uses bluetooth so they should all be compatible with whatever version of iMac that you have.

Having somewhere to store your keyboard may not be a problem with some desks which have a keyboard drawer built directly into them. For desks that don’t have this feature, there is a special brand of iMac stands that are extremely slim which allow you to keep your monitor at a reasonable height while fitting your keyboard under it when you aren’t using it. This saves space, and gives your iMac a clean, sharp look. Macessity creates a great stand called the Slimkey Stand which sits a little more than an inch at its lowest point up off of your desk in order to give your just enough clearance to store your keyboard.

A good iMac travel case can save you a lot of time and trouble when it comes to travelling with your iMac. Being able to use your iMac in places like hotel rooms is extremely convenient since you don’t have to bother with buying a laptop and you have everything you have at home with you on the computer. You can get a soft iMac case which are usually lightweight and pretty slim which gives you an easy way to carry the iMac, but not a whole lot of protection from drops or trauma. There are extremely durable cases, more like crates, that are made with very hard shells with foam inside of them that are the ultimate in protecting your iMac while travelling. Some of these cases are even waterproof giving you that much more protection.

There are a couple of extra accessories that deserve special mention because they are so vital to the proper working order of an iMac: the iMac power cord and the iMac manual.

iMac Power Cord

When you first purchase a new iMac, you don’t have to worry about a power cord since one will come with it when it is gotten straight from the box. A spare iMac power cord may definitely come in handy though if you purchase your iMac from a garage sale, auction, or off of a friend who may have no idea where the power cord happens to be. Luckily, Apple makes plenty of spare power cords for just such an occasion. Needing an extra power cord really isn’t as uncommon as one might think, it doesn’t take much to store an older iMac in a closet or basement for a couple of years, then when you go to sell it or give it away, the power cord just isn’t there.  Cords get lost all the time, but without an iMac power cord, your computer won’t be doing anything. You can buy a new power cord online from around $10, some computer repair stores may have them for sale for even less, but they typically don’t have too many extras lying around, if any at all, since they deal with far more PCs than iMacs.

iMac Manual

Having an iMac manual can be very useful when something goes wrong on your computer, or you need help setting it up for the first time.  iMac manuals come in a couple of forms, the first one is the basic manual that you get from Apple with your new iMac, it doesn’t go very far into many details other than how to get your computer running for the first time. If you get a used iMac, there is a good chance that you won’t even get this manual and you may try looking for a replacement iMac manual.

The other kind of manual is sold by third parties who write up fairly extensive guides that cover everything from getting started with your iMac to downloading apps, and pretty much everything else in between. These manuals can be great for someone who has absolutely no experience with an iMac at all, but experienced users may not glean much knowledge from a manual that talks about double clicking an icon to open a program or file. There are some good troubleshooting manuals out there that may be worth taking a look at if you are having some problems or if you just want to learn more about how the iMac works.