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iPhone 5 Speaker Dock – Which One Is The Best?

The new iPhone 5 came with a new connector, losing the 30-pin Dock connector, for a smaller, faster and better “Lightning” port. However, that came with its certain disadvantages as well, as all legacy accessories that worked up to the iPhone 4S are now useless. Obviously, manufacturers quickly caught up, by releasing accessories compatible with the new Apple handset. With so many new options on the market today, which one is the best iPhone 5 speaker dock?

iphone 5 speaker dockThe speaker dock is by far one of the most popular iPhone 5 accessories. It’s the best way to transform your smartphone into a room-filling jukebox, while still charging it. It’s also a nice place to store your iPhone whenever you are at home – that’s because you can always remember where you’ve put it and never again ask another family member or friend to call you so you can find it.

Top 3 iPhone 5 Speaker Docks

Bose has quickly issued an update to its popular SoundDock series, making the 3rd generation SoundDock compatible with the last-generation iPhone. However, the quick transition didn’t leave too much room for other improvements, so the $250 Bose is asking for will only buy you something very similar to the SoundDock series II, which is after all a 5 year old audio system.

iphone 5 speaker dockIn appearance, sans the new Lightning connector, there is no difference between the latest SoundDock model and its predecessor. However, despite its age it is still a handsome design that you would like to show off on your desk. You get true Bose quality here, but without any Airplay or Bluetooth connectivity. That means your device has to be in the dock connector at all times in order to play music. There’s a remote, though, with which you can control the sound system, so you don’t have to go to your iPhone every time you want to raise the volume or skip a song.

The differences in sound quality are nonexistent as well. It still sounds very good, as with all Bose devices, but not good enough to justify the $250 price tag. Since 2008, when the SoundDock system too originally launched, the speaker industry has gone a long way, and you can buy a similar system for maybe even $100 less. Although Bose has the brand recognition on its side, it’s not the iPhone 5 speaker dock we recommend.

Philips has released some of the cheapest iPhone 5 speaker docks on the market today, the $80 DS1155 clock dock and the $90 DS3205 speaker dock. They are undoubtedly some of the most affordable Lightning speakers yet to be available.

philips-ds1155Somehow similar to the updates Bose made, the new Philips models resemble earlier designs. The clock dock is still a UFO-shaped speaker that includes a clock and a night light, all in a compact design, just 7-inch long in diameter.

Unlike the Bose designs however, these don’t feel premium. They are mostly made out of black fabric and some cheap plastic, but for the price, we can’t complain. The more expensive, $90 model resembles a tall angled iphone 5 speaker dock

The sound quality is not the best, but it’s the one you would expect from such a price point. When you hit the maximum volume level, you’re likely to hear some distorted sound, although admittedly, these two models sound better than the JBL OnBeat Micro, which is a bit more expensive.

All in all, if you’re on a budget, these are two of the best iPhone 5 speaker docks we recommend.

JBL’s OnBeat Venue LT is the last iPhone 5 speaker dock we will review today, and it’s worthy of our recommendation. For just $199 you get a quality speaker dock that has only one noteworthy flaw.

jbl onbeat venue LTSimilar to its predecessor, that used the now-obsolete 30-pin dock connector, the OnBeat Venue LT can operate wireless as well as while the iPhone is docked. However, the design is quite different and it may not be suitable for most modern homes. Check the pictures for yourself and decide whether it’s right for you or not.

The controls are a little unusual, mainly because there is no remote control, something pretty weird for a $200 audio system. Despite these apparent drawbacks, the JBL system makes up for the flaws where it matters the most: in the way it sounds. You’ll be amazed at how loud the little thing can get, and how good the bass is. Overall, the sound is solid and balanced, while not being somehow exceptional. It’s very good value for your money.

These are just three of the most popular iPhone speaker docks that make use of the Lightning connector and are thus compatible with the latest Apple handset. It’s up to you to decide which iPhone 5 speaker dock fits your needs the best.

iPhone 5 on Sale – The Best Deals

The iPhone 5 is clearly an impressive device. The 6th generation of Apple’s handset boasts a 4 inch Retina display, a 8 MP full HD camera and a new, more powerful A6 processor. However, it all comes at a price, and a pretty steep one, as we’ve already get used to from previous generations.

T-Mobile has finally got its hands on the iPhone 5, making Apple’s latest smartphone available on every major U.S. wireless carrier there is. With so many possibilities, customers may get confused when searching for the best iPhone 5 price.

The aim of the article is to help potential buyers find out which carrier sells the handset for the cheapest price, and what other iPhone 5 on sale deals are out there.

Which Carrier Has The iPhone 5 on Sale?

Assuming we want unlimited voice minutes and text messages and at least 4GB of data per month, T-mobile is the clear winner of the price contest, with its total cost of ownership at just a bit above $2,200. That’s more than $1,000 cheaper than Sprint’s “Simply Everything” plan, that shoots the iPhone’s price up to more than $3,300.

AT&T and Verizon share the same price point at $2,840, still $600 more expensive than T-Mobile. Although our choices may come as extreme to most users (people don’t really need unlimited everything) it’s for an example only. We do believe, however, that 4GB of data is sensible in today’s LTE world.

Without doubt now is the absolute best time ever to be a T-Mobile consumer. Not only their offer is the cheapest, but you are not tied to any contract, and thus there are no early termination fees.

iphone 5 on sale

However, there are certain disadvantages to opting for T-Mobile too. For example, you can only use 500MB of data as a hotspot, and if you want more, then you have to pay extra. Moreover, when you exceed 5GB of data in any given month, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down your downloading and uploading speeds.

What’s more, T-Mobile doesn’t have the same kind of coverage as AT&T and Verizon in more rural areas. And while the 3G speeds are generally higher for T-Mobile, their coverage area is nothing when compared to Verizon’s.

It’s up for you to decide whether T-Mobile’s pricing scheme is worth giving up certain advantages in exchange for others. If you live in a big city, then you should be just fine.

The cheapest price you can get an iPhone 5 for, though, does not come from any of the four major U.S. carriers. Instead, Walmart offers the iPhone 5 for just $1,729 over two years, considerably cheaper than any other alternatives.

After having the popular iPhone 5 on sale during the Christmas holidays, where one could buy the iPhone 5 for just $127 on contract and the iPad 3 for just $399 ( the same as the non-Retina iPad 2), Walmart has gone into 2013 with a industry-shattering announcement: it would start selling iPhones for ridiculous low prices using StraightTalk, a carrier that does not use contracts.

You have to pay the full price for the phone upfront ($649 for the iPhone 5, that is) and then $45 a month for unlimited everything. That means that if you are a Sprint customer, you pay double the price the iPhone 5 costs at Walmart. ($3,300+ as opposed to just $1,700)

As you’ve seen there are plenty of options, each coming with its own benefits and downsides. You may also want to wait a bit more, as the price for the iPhone 5 is likely to go down once rumors of the next Apple handset, be it the iPhone 5S or a new iPhone 6, make their way to the Internet. For now, though, in this article you can find the best options if you want to buy an iPhone 5 on sale.

Best iPhone Photo Apps

Apple has really done a great job of creating a device that takes such great photos. While the iPad leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to photography, the iPhone for the most part is a great performer. If you’re like us, you don’t just like taking photos, you like discovering them as well. So without further ado, here are our favorite iPhone photo iphone photo apps

Color Splash

Ever seen those cool photographs where the entire photo is black and white except for one specific object which has color, or vice versa? Color Splash is a great iOS app that allows you to do exactly that without using some complicated photo editor such as Photoshop or Gimp. Once you have used masking to identify which part of your photo needs to be colored and which part needs to be black and white, you can use controls to adjust the lighting, contrast, saturation, temperature and tinting of the composited image before export. Once your composition is done, you can export said photo to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Email, Postcard, Print or safe to Camera Roll.

Snapseed – Winner of The Best iPhone Photo Apps award

iPhone Photo AppsRecently acquired by Google, Snapseed is one of our favorite photo editing apps for iOS. This awesome little app allows you to import apps from your library or take a new photo. Once your photo has been taken you can apply Instagram style filters to the app. You can also apply tilt-shift, blur and other cool effects as well as borders, lighting adjustments and the likes. You can export the finished product to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, your iPhone Camera Roll or text message. Simply put, it’s one of the best iPhone apps out there, and a clear winner of the photo apps category.

Afterglow Photo Editor

Like Snapseed, Afterglow is a photo editor. You still get a wide range of photo filters from grunge to sepia and a whole host of other filters. You can also add 23 different types of textures to your photos from 35mm film grain to light leaks and such. You can further edit your photo by cropping, transforming it such as vertical, horizontal etc. and lastly add one of over a dozen frames to your completed photo. From there you can export your photo to the Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Text or some other app.


instaplaceWant to add cool location captions to your photo? Well now you can with InstaPlace. This unique little app allows you to take a photo within the app and the app will instantly attach grab the photos GPS coordinates and add them as a caption for the photo. If you want to have a custom caption, well that is possible as well. The captions are minimalistic, and really add some uniqueness to your photos, especially if you plan to post them to some social network.


There a wide range of possible light effects one can add to their photo and thankfully LensLight allows you to add quite a bit of them. With this neat little app you can add lens flares, bokah, light leaks and spotlights to any photo you import. Once the effect is added, you can use settings to fine tune the light effect to match your photo perfectly.

If you liked our review of the best iPhone photo apps out there, you may also like checking out some of the top iPhone games in the industry.

Best iPad Games of February 2013

The iPad is becoming more and more the de facto standard for tablet gaming, with many developers now targeting this device, it’s harder than ever to choose the best iPad games. In this article we will list a couple of the best games we have found for the iPad already. While you may have heard of some of them, others may be new to ipad games

Temple Run 2

temple run 2Temple Run broke the game mold and like many games that do, it set off a rush for copy cats. While many games did improve on the experience of the original temple run (Subway Surfer comes to mind) none quite captured the awesomeness of running though some tropical jungle with some monsters from the pits of hell chasing you.

With Temple Run 2, things are quite the same, but refined. Instead of three monsters, there is only one. Ropes now make their appearance as do spiked rolling thingy’s and steep drop-offs. Overall it is a worthy update to the original game and one that you can gladly waste hours on.

Angry Birds Star Wars – Winner of the best ipad games award for February 2013

angry birds star wars ipadWe knew it was inevitable. Star Wars and Angry Birds have finally met. In the second time that this cultural phenomenon has teamed up with a move franchise (Angry Birds Rio was the first), the Angry birds, as expected, are trying to defeat the Emperor’s piggy’s who are bent on destroying “A Galaxy Far, Far Away.” Angry Birds Star Wars is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 as well, but it is the iPad that allows you to play the game in its awesome glory.

The amazing attention to detail, as well as the new, cool features practically revive both the Angry Birds saga as well as the Star Wars one, and make this game one a must-buy on the iPad

Real Racing 2 HD

Seeing that the iPad isn’t quite ready to play the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports, we are left with games like Real Racing 2 HD. This game is awesome though and the creators have done a very good job of bringing almost lifelike physics into the game. We really like the attention to detail and thankfully, unlike many other racing games we have played, they have actual replicas of real world exotic cars.

Joe Danger

We’ve all seen those Hollywood movies with some action start or villan doing an incredibly awesome, yet totally dangerous stunt. If you’ve ever wanted such an opportunity, than take a look at Joe Danger. Like his last name suggests, old Joe has no respect for his own life and constantly puts his life in jeopardy to get the highest score and do the coolest tricks.

With Joe Danger, you can play against your friends and since the game is Universal, you can download it to your iPhone or iPod Touch for convenience.

Subway Surfers

subway surfers ipadAlthough a knockoff of the popular Temple Run, Subway Surfers gets props for its beautiful landscape and really cool power ups. In the latest update, you play in the country of Brazil as you dodge trains, collect coins and power-ups and run for as long as you can in hopes of setting an all-time record. There is a reason why this game is among the top free apps in the App Store. It is just that fun.


To sum it up, February 2013 has been a great month for gamers fans. Regardless of whether you own an iPad Mini or iPad 4, these are the best iPad games out there right now.

How to get a great iPhone 3GS refurbished at a good price

Apple produced a few million iPhone 3GS devices, which means there are quite a few phones still floating around in stores and on websites.  While some customers do keep their phone a very long time, others return them immediately if it’s not what they really wanted.  Some customers may use their phone for a year and decide they want to upgrade to a different model.  When people trade up their phone and anything wrong with their old phone can be repaired or replaced, the phone could be refurbished to be resold.  Refurbished phones are usually in very good condition because they usually are returned within the first 30 days after being bought brand new.  Some refurbished phones are ones that customers bring in to a cell phone store when they are upgrading the phone on their contract.  The phone cannot be labeled new again because the original customer activated it and used it for a few days or weeks before they decided it wasn’t the right phone for them.  Phones are returned because one owner just does not like something about how that phone works.  This means that same phone could end up being a great deal for a new owner.  Retail stores know this so when they know that a customer returns a phone just because they didn’t like it, it can be refurbished and sold to another customer who most likely will like the phone and keep it.  When the phone is returned because the previous customer simply didn’t like the phone, a repair shop technician carefully examines every part starting with the screen and buttons and continuing until they have completely checked out the phone.  Any damaged parts will be fixed or replaced to bring the phone back to new condition. Any part that works decently well is left on the phone.  This process works well because there are many replacement parts kits available for iPhones. The technician removes  the old SIM card and user content as a step in the process.  When the job is done properly and the phone looks and works like new, it gets labeled as a refurbished phone and put up for sale.  It is important to remember these phones have been used even though they look brand new.


Many retailers put these items into their inventory and list them on their website.  The great thing about a phone being recycled this way is that consumers get a very good quality phone at a great price.  The refurbished phone will have a limited time warranty and the assurance that the former damaged parts were repaired or replaced.

 Finding The Best Deals

The best way to find deals on a refreshed phone is to search online and investigate the many options available.  If a buyer chooses to buy a refurbished phone online, it is really important to buy from a reputable well known dealer or a seller with strong ratings.  It is also important to clearly know the return period and procedure in case something is wrong with the item when it arrives.  Soon after the phone arrives, the buyer should unpack it carefully and make sure to keep all the packing materials and everything else that came with the phone.  They should start testing the phone soon so they have time to get enough experience with the phone to know whether they want to keep or return it.  Buying a used phone online can result in a great deal if the phone works properly and is priced well.  Buying online is an attractive option because people get access to phones that are not available in a store or from a seller local to them.


Since these are not brand new phones, a buyer should be ready to check out the phone completely.  Being an iPhone user or at least familiar with how an iPhone works helps with checking out the phone as thoroughly as possible.  It is best to check out the phone in person before buying it.  For example, a wise buyer should turn on the phone, go to the home screen, tap settings, general, and tap about to verify the phone’s available memory capacity.  A wise buyer would verify that the camera, speakers, earphone jack, volume buttons, home button, sleep/power button, and touch screen work correctly.  The phone’s battery life and charging system should be checked by plugging in the USB charging cable into a computer or a wall outlet to verify the battery charges like it should.  Just like any other electronic device, a consumer needs to know what the phone is supposed to do then verify everything before spending money on the phone.  If problems are discovered, then it is best to either pass on buying the phone or in the case of an online purchase to return the phone, or negotiate for a better deal considering the problems found with the phone.


After a person searches online for a refurbished iPhone 3GS and checks out those options, the next step would be to check out retail electronics stores that carry used and clearance phones.  Often these stores have inventory they are trying to sell at a good price.  The store will be willing to negotiate a great price so the consumer can get a good deal while they can sell a phone that might have been in the store for a long time.  Being patient and waiting for the right time to buy a high quality phone at a lower price will pay off.

iPhone 5S Rumor List

Even though an iPhone 5S release isn’t happening for at least another 6 or so months, there are some rumors concerning what to expect. Generally rumors about the pending release of a device so early in the year are not that accurate. But following Apple’s upgrade trend, there are some possible features and changes that could be coming to the iPhone 5S which these rumors claim to be so.

iphone 5s

iPhone 5S Rumors

The biggest news on the rumor list is that Apple plans to update the CPU of the next iPhone. While there could be a variety of possible updates to the physical chip, what we are concerned about is the speed and architecture of the chip. There is a great possibility that the device will come with a quad-core CPU which would match the quad-core GPU currently stuck in the iPhone 5. More importantly, the RAM being updated would be a great way to continue spurring developers to create even more advanced apps and games.

If Apple holds true to its unofficial update policy, we shouldn’t expect any major cosmetic differences, if any at all, between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S. While Apple loves to update the iPhone’s look every two years, they have never released a major cosmetic change to the iPhone less than two years.

The camera for the iPhone is due for an update, hardware wise, as it really hasn’t changed much from the iPhone 4S. While Apple claims to have done some tweaks to the module, test images taken with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 show almost identical shots. While it is unlikely that Apple would double the megapixels of the camera, we would expect them to beef up the aperture and add some type of software image stabilization so as better to compete with the offerings of Nokia. In the meanwhile, you can try and improve the quality of your pictures, as well as edit some of them with the best iPhone photo apps out there.

Even though Apple will be missing from Mac World this year, the company will continue its yearly WWDC conference and on the table for updates is iOS. Since WWDC generally happens between June and July, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new version of iOS drop before the iPhone 5S is released. Best of all, whatever new software they release in the next iteration of iOS, you can be almost 100% positive that iPhone 5 and 5S users will receive every benefit while iPhone 4, and 4S users will have a limited array of features available to them.

Apple is said to be working on a lower cost model for developing countries so don’t be surprised if they do release an iPhone 5 with less memory for $100 less than the 5S. At any rate, the next iPhone announcement is likely to take place during the early part of September when Apple traditionally held its music event. Seeing that dedicated music players are on the way out, Apple has been using the time for the last two years to announce iPhone’s and not just iPod’s as well. Sale of the new iPhone 5S is supposed to begin before the start of the holiday shopping season.

How easy it is to get help using an iPhone 4

 Apple is a major electronics corporation that spends immense resources to make their devices as easy to use as possible.  They have gone to great lengths to make their user interfaces and hardware as intuitive and simple to use as possible.  After all, when a company puts a lot of effort into producing the best user interface and the best hardware, the less likely it is a person to need help using it, right?

iphone 4 help



The simplest fastest way of getting iPhone 4 help is consulting the manual accessible right from the phone.  The owner’s manual is an electronic document available in Safari.  To get to the user manual, the user simply needs to tap the home button once to get to the home screen from any other screen.  Next, tap the Safari app, then tap the book icon at the bottom of the screen to list the bookmarks and the iPhone user guide will be clearly listed.  Tapping on the iPhone user guide listing will bring it up, and then tapping the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen will bring up the search function to allow quickly searching through the manual for the help needed.  The user can also read any page of the manual they want here as well.  Another option available directly on the phone is to go to the App store to download the free iBooks app.  The advantage to this option is that the manual would be saved directly to the phone to make it easy to view it on the phone even without a network connection.  If the issue the user is having with their iPhone prevents them from using the phone to get help, the next best self-support option is to go to Apple’s website using another computer that can get online. The user first needs to go to Apple’s website then click on the support tab, then the manual’s link. The user should be able to locate and consult the iPhone 4 manual quickly. They will be able to search through the manual to quickly get help as well.  If the user is not able to resolve the issue with these steps already covered, the next step would be to locate and contact an Apple Store.  The store will most likely be able to resolve an iPhone issue either over the phone or in the store.  Another help option is a Google search on the issue.  The search will bring up forums or other websites that will give a clear idea of the problem and the many solutions there are.

How to get a used iPhone 4 cheap


used iphone 4 cheapThe iPhone 4 is a leading choice available when buying or selling a used smartphone.  Apple phones hold their value years later because they are so well known and well designed.  With the last version, useful apps and hardware features made having the phone a great investment.  Siri, FaceTime video calling, a fast dual core processor, a large internal memory, and front and rear cameras are all great features that considerably extend the iPhone 4’s value.  The iPhone 4 was also the first phone with the retina display, which means the icons and colors on screen are very vivid and sparkle.  On this retina display, the text on screen is clear.  The phone is an attractive rounded box that is thin and light which are great qualities for a phone.


There are a few ways to buy an iPhone 4 at a great price.  The first way is for a buyer to let anyone they know personally they are seeking a good deal on iPhone 4 which may uncover an unexpected quick answer to getting a phone from a person in close contact.  Friends or friends of friends sometimes will have an iPhone they are trying to sell so if the timing is right, a buyer might be able to get a good deal from someone who is willing to set a great price on the phone. Buying from a friend who the buyer knows well often means knowing the phone was well taken care of and that the price will most likely very reasonable.


The next best way for a buyer to get a used iPhone 4 is to search the for sale postings on Craigslist.  It is best to focus on the postings that have a few pictures, a decent written description and a reasonable price.  When buying from a person who made a Craigslist posting, the more information and pictures of the phone that are available the better.  Next, the buyer should contact the seller and have a friendly conversation about the phone’s problems and strong points.  One of the best questions to ask is why are they selling a phone that works well? Other questions could be how long have they had the phone and to directly ask what doesn’t work on the phone.  If the buyer is satisfied with the initial conversation, the next step is to invite the seller to have coffee or a sandwich at a coffeehouse or other public place.  During the meeting, the buyer should focus on examine the phone carefully.  The buyer should take 10 minutes or so to test drive the important functions to be sure they will be satisfied with the phone.  Following that,  the buyer should negotiate the purchase price especially if any defects are discovered during the test drive.  Following those steps, especially meeting in a public comfortable place with plenty of time to handle the purchase should result in a good deal on an iPhone.


After Craigslist, the next local spot a buyer could look for an iPhone is their local pawn shop.  Local people usually go to a pawn shop to buy a used phone because many sellers go to a pawn shop first to sell their phone in a crisis.  Pawn shops generally have many used phones in their inventory in decent condition because they know that local people will come there looking to buy one at a decent price.

Other local places to get a used iPhone are AT&T or Verizon wireless retail stores, local computer or electronics stores that sell and trade used electronics.  Changes in the economy and more flexibility in how stores operate have resulted in many more options to get a used phone.


Other options are the many used item retailers including Amazon, eBay or other independent sites.  The main thing the buyer should keep in mind is to know the returns policy the site has in place.  The buyer needs to test and be sure to return the phone long before the return period is up if it isn’t want was expected.  It’s very possible to get a good deal with an online purchase but it is important to make it a priority to completely test a used item before it’s too late to return it.  It is best to stay away from “as-is” sales or any situation where returns are discouraged or not allowed.


When buying an iPhone cheaply, it is very important that the phone is in very good to excellent condition.  If the screen is cracked, it’s not a complete deal breaker because it is simple enough to find a repair shop that will handle replacing an iPhone screen in 30 minutes and not cost much to do it. Making sure the accessories that originally came with the phone are still with it is a good idea. It is common to get an iPhone 4 used from many owners who are selling their phone for any number of reasons.


Considering all the great features and capabilities of iPhones, one area that is a bit confusing is the name “iPhone 4” and if it is a 3G or 4G phone.  The iPhone 4 is clearly a 3G phone.  One of many impressive features of the new iPhone 5 is that it is indeed the first 4G phone.

The best way to sell an old iPhone for a great price

When the time comes for an iPhone owner to part with their phone for some reason, many options exist for them to sell their iPhone. People who sell their old iPhone generally check with friends and family first to see if anyone is looking to buy an iPhone so they can sell it to someone they know. When that option doesn’t work, the next best options to sell an iPhone is to post it online on sites designed for selling items.

sell old iphoneThe most well-known most mentioned option most people know about to buy or sell an item is Craigslist. It’s one of the most popular options for two big reasons. First, it is easy to set up an account and quickly post a description, contact information, a few helpful pictures of the phone’s actual condition, and a price all free. The fastest and most reliable way to research realistic pricing is to do a search for iPhones in a similar condition with pictures and use the prices and conditions listed as a guideline. To support having a competitive price, a person should post as many helpful pictures as possible because most people feel better and are more interested in buying a product online when they can see many pictures of the item. In the text description, the person should type in a friendly, honest description of the phone including accurate details of the highlights and lowlights of the phone’s condition. Most consumers especially want to know an honest answer to what is wrong with the phone. With all of that done, the person then should come up with a price that is fair considering the overall features, age and condition of the phone. Most people usually set the price a little bit higher and then come down by a few dollars to help with the selling process as well. Being willing to fairly negotiate the price will help get an iPhone sold for a great price.

The second reason that Craigslist is so popular is that depending on the city or region a person lives in, most people looking to buy an iPhone most often head over to Craigslist to look before they go anywhere else. People who list iPhones on Craigslist are looking to sell to someone local so that when an agreement is made to sell the two people can meet locally to complete the sale, which saves on the additional packaging and shipping cost. Many people like the local option because it means they can get the phone the same day and having a friendly meeting can help sell the phone at the best price. The main advice most often given is that people should meet in a very public place such as a coffee shop to avoid a strange or dangerous situation.

Ebay is another popular website to help someone sell their iPhone at a great price. eBay is an excellent choice to sell a phone because even though it costs a small fee to put an item up for sale, the process of doing so is easy and the seller has many more options to make the phone attractive to buyers. eBay helps market an iPhone to people all over the world, not just the seller’s specific local region. It allows the seller to auction the phone and if it is in an excellent condition, a few people who really want the phone will compete by bidding against each other to get it. Ebay will likely help an iPhone sell quickly. If a seller’s phone is in pristine condition with great pictures of it and in a competitive auction, it will sell at a very good price.

Amazon is an excellent well known place to sell an old phone. Millions of people buy electronics from the site so an iPhone in good condition may well be exactly what a fellow Apple fan is looking to buy. A seller will get the most money for their phone by listing it there. When it is sold, it turns into an Amazon store credit. If a buyer already frequently shops at Amazon that credit could be used towards another phone or item.

Another online option is Apple’s own trade-in program that will allow a seller to get an Apple store credit towards buying another Apple device. If the sellers intention was to sell their iPhone to be able to buy another iPhone or other Apple product, this method will be the very best option. The seller simply sends their phone back to Apple and they give the seller money for it, a very simple and elegant solution. The only downside with this option is that especially if the phone is very old or in bad shape, this is the least profitable option to sell it.

There are a few other local trade-in choices as well. BestBuy has a trade-in program for people who were planning to go to the store to buy another item. It is a good deal to get some money off another purchase price. Both Verizon and AT&T will give money for a used iPhone as well. If a person does their homework and really checks into all the options it’s very likely they will find the best way to sell their phone at a great price.

Things to know about iPhone 3 cases, covers, and iPhone 3 case pricing

A quick online search for iPhone 3 accessories reveals many combinations of cases and cases. The iPhone 3 itself is well designed and constructed.  The back panel is plastic polycarbonate with metal control buttons on the left and top.  The side rim is metal and front has two layers of capacitive touch sensitive glass.  Even though the phone is solidly designed, some users have seen the first layer of screen glass crack after a hard fall.  That alone is good reason for consumers to prefer putting their phone into an attractive but rugged designer case or cover for protection and style.  After doing a bit of online and store research, cases and covers are names for the same product.  Most people refer to an iPhone 3 cover as a case.  Over the years, many companies have designed, manufactured and marketed iPhone 3 cases.  When people buy a new iPhone, they typically get a case along with it especially if they are sure their phone will be protected and look better in a case.  For example, a construction worker will get a case because they want their phone to be protected from being dropped or being exposed to sand and dirt.  For them it is usually not an option to leave their phone at home or in a vehicle because they usually need to use the phone while working.

iphone 3 cases

An iPhone 3 case is what consumers permanently put their iPhone inside to protect it at all times.  Some cases have round or square openings for the control buttons on the side and top edge of the phone and a small circular opening for the camera on the rear of the phone.  Rubber cases have a textured feel to them and raised areas for the buttons so they can be pressed while remaining covered.  Some cases have a small round opening just for the Apple logo on the back.  Some cases leave out the logo opening and either have their own a custom printed logo or no logo at all.  Some cases include a clear screen protection film to protect the screen against scratches and other damage while still allowing the user to use the screen.  Some cases have a clip on the back that may or may not swivel to allow the case to be clipped to the wearer’s waist.  Some cases are water and dust proof to allow using an iPhone in a harsh or tough environment.  These cases protect the phone against drops, water, snow, ice, dust, dirt, and sand.  These cases involve vacuum sealing an airtight area around the phone.  These cases also usually have a separate casing directly on the phone and more layers around it for added protection.  It is still possible to plug in headphones and the charger, but for maximum protection and safety, keeping the phone should be completely sealed.  These high protection level cases will have sealable covers over the headphone and charging ports as well.  A safe high tech solution to listen to a sealed iPhone is to use a Bluetooth earpiece to make a wireless connection.  After buying the case, it will take a few minutes to maneuver the phone permanently inside and snap a top case over the phone to seal it tightly.  An iPhone 3 case can also be a protective pouch clipped to a person’s belt or purse that they slide the phone into when it is it is not being used.  Other types of cases have a magnetic easy open flap that sits over a lengthwise edge of the phone to hold it in place.  A case can also be a simple open sleeve that allow the user to simply slide the phone into it.  iPhone 3 cases are available in hard plastic, soft rubber, leather and cloth.  They also come in many colors and styles.  A consumer has many options when it comes to the style, color and level of protection they want in a case.


A popular case is the Otterbox Defender Series for $49.95.  It has a durable polycarbonate shell with a silicone layer attached to the phone itself.  It protects against bumps, scratches, shocks, drops and dust. The included screen protector guards the iPhone’s screen against damage. With all the protecting features, the case still has a play through design which allows quickly and easily using every phone function.  This case is very sensibly designed with port covers for the headphone and charging port so it’s easy to use those items when needed yet easy to protect them when they are not.  The case comes in many attractive colors including, black, white, yellow, pink and a combination of black and the other colors.  Otterbox cases come in the Defender, Commuter, Reflex, Prefix, Impact and Pursuit series.  All are designed with the single goal of protecting an iPhone from the dangers of the real world environments owners must work or live in.

Otterbox Defender Series

Another popular option is the Incase Slider Case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS in Black for $34.99.   This case is hardshell textured plastic that protects bumps, drops and scratches. The bottom portion of the cover slides away for easy use of the docking port. This case is a bit different because the back panel doesn’t have the circular hole to show off the Apple logo and the bottom half of the case has to be removed to get access to the charging and syncing port.

Incase Slider Case for the iPhone 3G

One more choice is for an iPhone 3 case is the iFrogz Luxe for iPhone® 3G and 3GS in Blue/Black at a cost of $30.00.  This hard protective case with soft-touch texture will keep an iPhone safe from dents and dings.  This case also has a metal coating that makes an iPhone more stylish.


Prices of iPhone cases and cases vary widely from less than $1 on an auction website and around $50 in a retail store.  Cases from designer brand names will be the most expensive and have the best features.  The level of protection in cases varies from very basic protection against drops and bumps all the way up to protection in the harshest of environments by having multiple layers around the phone.