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http://whybuyapple.com has been born out of my passion for Apple products.
Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world. Their products are innovative, powerful and sleek. They look so much more superior when compared to the competition. What’s more, Apple’s Genius Bar has become the gold standard in customer support.

Why Have I Started This Blog?

To help people understand which Apple products are worth buying and why. A lot of people ask me: “Why buy Apple when there are so many other cheaper alternatives out there?” Well, with this website I aim to explain why Apple products are so superior and why they deserve the extra money.

My passion for Apple products, as well as my knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years of using them inspired me to create this website. You can expect from me only objective analysis of the topics that will be tackled. Since Apple is such a big company, they do a lot of things worse than they could, and I am here also to criticise them and help OS X and iOS users overcome their problems when using Apple software.

If browsing through the website doesn’t help with your particular issue, feel free to shoot a question using the “contact us” form. I will be more than happy to reply.

We also heartily welcome everybody who is passionate about Apple to write a guest post for us. We’ll also include a backlink to your website with the article. We accept all Apple-related articles.

My ultimate goal with this website is to create a community around people who enjoy using Apple’s products. Please contribute as much as possible using the comment system implemented on each post.


The Reasons Behind Apple’s Success

Why Buy Apple

Everybody is marvelling at how successful Apple is. Today, Apple is the most valuable company in the world. It brought us the first PC, revolutionised the music industry and achieved widespread success when it reinvented the smartphone in the form of the iPhone and the tablet in the form of the iPad. Here are just a few of the factors that made Apple what it is today.


Products that are easy to use

All Apple products are intuitive and a pleasure to learn how to use. It’s not as simple as it may seem to do so, though. With so many possibilities in nowadays technology, it’s quite hard choosing what features you know your customers will use, and give up on those you think they won’t need as much.
This task is increasingly difficult for Apple, a tech giant that makes products for both power users as well as tech-newbies. For Apple, the product itself is less important than its ease of use.

We can see that Apple likes to keep things really simple with its line of products. Apple has one iPhone they’re selling. This helps reduce a lot of decision-making time for the consumer: while there are a few tech-savvy customers that would like the ability to make choices, the vast majority of Apple’s user-base is not tech-savvy, so adding multiple versions of the iPhone would ultimately hurt Apple. This business plan has another great benefit for Apple itself.
With only a few lines of products, Apple makes sure its staff knows everything there is to know about them. Walk into a carrier store and talk to the staff there. You’ll see they are often clueless about the distinct features each HTC or Samsung phone offers as opposed to other HTC or Samsung handsets. Walk into an Apple Store, on the other hand, and you’ll benefit from a totally different user experience. And that’s the second reason why Apple is so successful:

Great customer service

Walking into an Apple store is a great experience. In the technology sector, no matter how tech-savvy people are, they will always run into problems, or have different questions about the products. As a result of Apple’s simple to use products, everybody working inside an Apple store will know a great deal of things about them. And if you have a more complicated issue, you get an appointment to the Genius Bar. And once you explain your needs, you get taken care of on the spot most times. It’s no wonder Apple ranks so high in customer satisfaction surveys.

Apple enters an industry only if it KNOWS it can influence it

Apple doesn’t create a product just for the sake of it. They asses what they can and cannot do for the industry, and if they are confident they can make much better products than the competition, then they do it. Apple did not invent the phone, or the MP3 player. They reinvented them, and made them better. Much better.

When Apple makes a product, they first think about what problems it will solve, how will help the consumer and even more, if they would find such a product useful themselves. In the technology field, engineers often create products just because they can. But Apple’s approach is radically different.


Having a powerful ecosystem

All Apple products just work. That’s because the hardware is made to work with the software. You won’t see that in other tech companies. It’s ecosystem of apps, media content and services puts it ahead of everybody else, both with iOS as well as OS X.

Other factors that make Apple so successful include great design and marketing, and even planning a product years in advance. And if Apple continues innovating at the same pace, there really is nothing that could stop them.


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