How easy it is to get help using an iPhone 4

 Apple is a major electronics corporation that spends immense resources to make their devices as easy to use as possible.  They have gone to great lengths to make their user interfaces and hardware as intuitive and simple to use as possible.  After all, when a company puts a lot of effort into producing the best user interface and the best hardware, the less likely it is a person to need help using it, right?

iphone 4 help



The simplest fastest way of getting iPhone 4 help is consulting the manual accessible right from the phone.  The owner’s manual is an electronic document available in Safari.  To get to the user manual, the user simply needs to tap the home button once to get to the home screen from any other screen.  Next, tap the Safari app, then tap the book icon at the bottom of the screen to list the bookmarks and the iPhone user guide will be clearly listed.  Tapping on the iPhone user guide listing will bring it up, and then tapping the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen will bring up the search function to allow quickly searching through the manual for the help needed.  The user can also read any page of the manual they want here as well.  Another option available directly on the phone is to go to the App store to download the free iBooks app.  The advantage to this option is that the manual would be saved directly to the phone to make it easy to view it on the phone even without a network connection.  If the issue the user is having with their iPhone prevents them from using the phone to get help, the next best self-support option is to go to Apple’s website using another computer that can get online. The user first needs to go to Apple’s website then click on the support tab, then the manual’s link. The user should be able to locate and consult the iPhone 4 manual quickly. They will be able to search through the manual to quickly get help as well.  If the user is not able to resolve the issue with these steps already covered, the next step would be to locate and contact an Apple Store.  The store will most likely be able to resolve an iPhone issue either over the phone or in the store.  Another help option is a Google search on the issue.  The search will bring up forums or other websites that will give a clear idea of the problem and the many solutions there are.

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