How to get a great iPhone 3GS refurbished at a good price

Apple produced a few million iPhone 3GS devices, which means there are quite a few phones still floating around in stores and on websites.  While some customers do keep their phone a very long time, others return them immediately if it’s not what they really wanted.  Some customers may use their phone for a year and decide they want to upgrade to a different model.  When people trade up their phone and anything wrong with their old phone can be repaired or replaced, the phone could be refurbished to be resold.  Refurbished phones are usually in very good condition because they usually are returned within the first 30 days after being bought brand new.  Some refurbished phones are ones that customers bring in to a cell phone store when they are upgrading the phone on their contract.  The phone cannot be labeled new again because the original customer activated it and used it for a few days or weeks before they decided it wasn’t the right phone for them.  Phones are returned because one owner just does not like something about how that phone works.  This means that same phone could end up being a great deal for a new owner.  Retail stores know this so when they know that a customer returns a phone just because they didn’t like it, it can be refurbished and sold to another customer who most likely will like the phone and keep it.  When the phone is returned because the previous customer simply didn’t like the phone, a repair shop technician carefully examines every part starting with the screen and buttons and continuing until they have completely checked out the phone.  Any damaged parts will be fixed or replaced to bring the phone back to new condition. Any part that works decently well is left on the phone.  This process works well because there are many replacement parts kits available for iPhones. The technician removes  the old SIM card and user content as a step in the process.  When the job is done properly and the phone looks and works like new, it gets labeled as a refurbished phone and put up for sale.  It is important to remember these phones have been used even though they look brand new.


Many retailers put these items into their inventory and list them on their website.  The great thing about a phone being recycled this way is that consumers get a very good quality phone at a great price.  The refurbished phone will have a limited time warranty and the assurance that the former damaged parts were repaired or replaced.

 Finding The Best Deals

The best way to find deals on a refreshed phone is to search online and investigate the many options available.  If a buyer chooses to buy a refurbished phone online, it is really important to buy from a reputable well known dealer or a seller with strong ratings.  It is also important to clearly know the return period and procedure in case something is wrong with the item when it arrives.  Soon after the phone arrives, the buyer should unpack it carefully and make sure to keep all the packing materials and everything else that came with the phone.  They should start testing the phone soon so they have time to get enough experience with the phone to know whether they want to keep or return it.  Buying a used phone online can result in a great deal if the phone works properly and is priced well.  Buying online is an attractive option because people get access to phones that are not available in a store or from a seller local to them.


Since these are not brand new phones, a buyer should be ready to check out the phone completely.  Being an iPhone user or at least familiar with how an iPhone works helps with checking out the phone as thoroughly as possible.  It is best to check out the phone in person before buying it.  For example, a wise buyer should turn on the phone, go to the home screen, tap settings, general, and tap about to verify the phone’s available memory capacity.  A wise buyer would verify that the camera, speakers, earphone jack, volume buttons, home button, sleep/power button, and touch screen work correctly.  The phone’s battery life and charging system should be checked by plugging in the USB charging cable into a computer or a wall outlet to verify the battery charges like it should.  Just like any other electronic device, a consumer needs to know what the phone is supposed to do then verify everything before spending money on the phone.  If problems are discovered, then it is best to either pass on buying the phone or in the case of an online purchase to return the phone, or negotiate for a better deal considering the problems found with the phone.


After a person searches online for a refurbished iPhone 3GS and checks out those options, the next step would be to check out retail electronics stores that carry used and clearance phones.  Often these stores have inventory they are trying to sell at a good price.  The store will be willing to negotiate a great price so the consumer can get a good deal while they can sell a phone that might have been in the store for a long time.  Being patient and waiting for the right time to buy a high quality phone at a lower price will pay off.

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