How to get a used iPhone 4 cheap


used iphone 4 cheapThe iPhone 4 is a leading choice available when buying or selling a used smartphone.  Apple phones hold their value years later because they are so well known and well designed.  With the last version, useful apps and hardware features made having the phone a great investment.  Siri, FaceTime video calling, a fast dual core processor, a large internal memory, and front and rear cameras are all great features that considerably extend the iPhone 4’s value.  The iPhone 4 was also the first phone with the retina display, which means the icons and colors on screen are very vivid and sparkle.  On this retina display, the text on screen is clear.  The phone is an attractive rounded box that is thin and light which are great qualities for a phone.


There are a few ways to buy an iPhone 4 at a great price.  The first way is for a buyer to let anyone they know personally they are seeking a good deal on iPhone 4 which may uncover an unexpected quick answer to getting a phone from a person in close contact.  Friends or friends of friends sometimes will have an iPhone they are trying to sell so if the timing is right, a buyer might be able to get a good deal from someone who is willing to set a great price on the phone. Buying from a friend who the buyer knows well often means knowing the phone was well taken care of and that the price will most likely very reasonable.


The next best way for a buyer to get a used iPhone 4 is to search the for sale postings on Craigslist.  It is best to focus on the postings that have a few pictures, a decent written description and a reasonable price.  When buying from a person who made a Craigslist posting, the more information and pictures of the phone that are available the better.  Next, the buyer should contact the seller and have a friendly conversation about the phone’s problems and strong points.  One of the best questions to ask is why are they selling a phone that works well? Other questions could be how long have they had the phone and to directly ask what doesn’t work on the phone.  If the buyer is satisfied with the initial conversation, the next step is to invite the seller to have coffee or a sandwich at a coffeehouse or other public place.  During the meeting, the buyer should focus on examine the phone carefully.  The buyer should take 10 minutes or so to test drive the important functions to be sure they will be satisfied with the phone.  Following that,  the buyer should negotiate the purchase price especially if any defects are discovered during the test drive.  Following those steps, especially meeting in a public comfortable place with plenty of time to handle the purchase should result in a good deal on an iPhone.


After Craigslist, the next local spot a buyer could look for an iPhone is their local pawn shop.  Local people usually go to a pawn shop to buy a used phone because many sellers go to a pawn shop first to sell their phone in a crisis.  Pawn shops generally have many used phones in their inventory in decent condition because they know that local people will come there looking to buy one at a decent price.

Other local places to get a used iPhone are AT&T or Verizon wireless retail stores, local computer or electronics stores that sell and trade used electronics.  Changes in the economy and more flexibility in how stores operate have resulted in many more options to get a used phone.


Other options are the many used item retailers including Amazon, eBay or other independent sites.  The main thing the buyer should keep in mind is to know the returns policy the site has in place.  The buyer needs to test and be sure to return the phone long before the return period is up if it isn’t want was expected.  It’s very possible to get a good deal with an online purchase but it is important to make it a priority to completely test a used item before it’s too late to return it.  It is best to stay away from “as-is” sales or any situation where returns are discouraged or not allowed.


When buying an iPhone cheaply, it is very important that the phone is in very good to excellent condition.  If the screen is cracked, it’s not a complete deal breaker because it is simple enough to find a repair shop that will handle replacing an iPhone screen in 30 minutes and not cost much to do it. Making sure the accessories that originally came with the phone are still with it is a good idea. It is common to get an iPhone 4 used from many owners who are selling their phone for any number of reasons.


Considering all the great features and capabilities of iPhones, one area that is a bit confusing is the name “iPhone 4” and if it is a 3G or 4G phone.  The iPhone 4 is clearly a 3G phone.  One of many impressive features of the new iPhone 5 is that it is indeed the first 4G phone.

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