How To Take a Screenshot On Your Macbook

There aren’t enough adjectives in the world to describe an Apple product fully and completely. They are as close to perfect machines as you can get, and it comes from a long standing company philosophy that Steve Jobs embedded his creation from very first day – simplicity would rule everything. Never one to add anything that didn’t need to be there just to clutter things up and a professional perfectionist if there ever was one, he was able to really give these machines a soul and an identity, something they continue to have even after he has left.

macbook screenshotIf you were to tell someone what the most powerful advantage that any Mac or MacBook had over the competition, it would have to be that everything has been well thought out and perfectly executed – there are no loose ends when you’re talking about a MacBook

And all of this doesn’t happen just by accident. While other companies get lucky every once in a while and catch lightning in a bottle, it’s very rare that Apple has a product that flops anymore – or even one that fails to meet expectations. This is incredible enough in the ever changing and complex tech world we live in, but also a modern miracle when you consider how high they set the bar with every iteration.

This is all possible because of a well thought out and executed plan that pays super close attention to the small things. Never a company to say “That’s close enough”, Apple pushes and pushes until everything is perfect – or they don’t launch at all. This permeates all the way down to the smallest things, like taking a MacBook screenshot.

This dedication to details is expected on the bigger features of the computer, but when you see this attention to the small things find its way to processes like taking a MacBook screenshot, you really begin to see why Apple has been able to literally dominate the marketplace almost from day one

If you want to take a MacBook screenshot of your entire screen, all you have to do is press “Command+Shift+4” at the same time on your keyboard.

That’s it – that’s all there is.

You can forget about having to load some weird app and giving it all kinds of permissions (not to mention waiting for it to install and then load up every single time you wanted to use it). There’s no odd multistep process to getting things just right and then hoping you hit the code at the right time. Taking a MacBook screenshot is straightforward and simple – just as you would expect it to be.

This is the kind of thing you can always count on when you are investing in a Mac, or any Apple product really. The experience is the king of the ring, not the hardware, not the software, not the window dressing or the design – everything about these products, all the way down to the way you take a MacBook screenshot is well thought out in advance and made as easy as possible to get you where you’re going.

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