How To Upgrade Your iMac’s RAM

While iMacs are designed to be sleek, streamlined machines, there are times when you may want some extra performance power without having to buy a completely new computer. This is when being able to upgrade your iMac RAM will be extremely useful since it can be done in only a few easy steps depending on what kind of model you have.

How to upgrade your iMac RAM

Upgrading your computer’s RAM really depends on what sort of model you have. The common element among all iMacs is that you can install iMac RAM underneath the screen in slots that are designed to be easy to access. This should cover the most basic ways to upgrade an iMac’s memory.

  1. Be sure your iMac is shut off in order to cool down all of the components inside and so that nothing is loaded while you are either removing older sticks of RAM, or installing new ones.
  2. Take all the cords running to the iMac out and unplug the power cord. This is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the installation, and so that you are not dealing with an electrified board which may be dangerous if left plugged in.
  3. Put something down on your table or wherever you are planning on installing the iMac memory so that the screen doesn’t get scratched or damaged, and to protect the surface of the table.
  4. Turn the computer over face down with the bottom pointed towards you in order to have easy access to the memory access door.
  5. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen the screws that hold the access door to the computer. Once the access door is completely off, keep it close so it doesn’t get lost.
  6. There should be a tab or tabs that are inside the compartment. For replacing iMac RAM, you’ll want to kind of pull on these tabs in order to get the old RAM sticks to come out before you try putting the new ones in.
  7. Putting the pin side of the memory stick inside the computer first, place the RAM stick into the slot gently in order to fix it into place. You should hear a clicking noise once it is firmly in place.
  8. Re-tuck the tabs the same way that you found them when you opened the iMac up. This makes room for the access door which you’ll now be putting back on in order to close it all up.
  9. Hook all of your cables back up and boot up the computer. If the installation went well, your computer should boot up just fine and you’ll notice an increase in performance.

If the computer refuses to reboot, try repeating the steps again, taking care to make sure you don’t damage anything or try forcing the sticks into place. Try another reboot, if it doesn’t work, try swapping out the new sticks for the older iMac memory sticks. If that solves the problem, there may be something wrong with your new RAM sticks.

Benefits of increasing your iMac’s RAM

The main reason why people take steps to increase the amount of RAM in their iMacs is because more memory will usually lead to an increase in performance. Your computer should run faster, programs will run quicker, start up faster, and there shouldn’t be any choppiness in videos or other graphically intensive animations. ┬áComputers will naturally start to slow down after a couple of years due to the number of programs that have been installed on it, as well as a progression of games and programs that take up larger and larger amounts of memory. Some programs just need more memory than others, if you start using a program like this regularly, you might notice a reduction in speed. Installing a brand new program may even require you to get more RAM for your iMac since your computer may not be able to handle the processing needs of the new program with specs from years ago.

Upgrading your iMac’s memory is also a very cheap alternative to buying a new computer altogether. Buying memory sticks can cost you anywhere from $50-$100 or more depending on how much RAM you would like to add. This can give you pretty close to the performance of a brand new computer at a fraction of the price. On top of all of this, you don’t even have to deal with transferring files over to a new computer!

Where to find iMac RAM

Most people, when they are looking to upgrade their iMac RAM, will order their memory somewhere online at one of the many web-based computer and electronics shops around. These sites can run the range from mega retailers such as Amazon, to smaller niche market sites like NewEgg. You will usually find the best deals online, and the widest selection. The only drawback is you may have to wait a couple of days before you have it in your hand, and there is a chance you might have to pay for shipping.

Most computer repair shops should have some iMac RAM on hand which would allow you to get it installed that day and enjoying it hours later. There may not be as large of a selection, but the people there should know exactly how to use it and can give you pointers and possibly even install it for you. The price will probably be higher at a computer shop for iMac memory but it might be well worth it in order to have it installed that day and by someone who knows what they are doing to ensure that everything goes right.

If you are looking to upgrade an iMac’s memory, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just be sure that you have a good grasp on either installing new memory, or replacing old memory sticks so that you can have your iMac running at full speed quickly and without incident.

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