iMac 27 Review

The iMac 27 is Apple’s newest version of the ever-popular iMac all in one computer. The name comes from its very large 27 inch screen which looks absolutely amazing up close. Aside from the screen, the iMac 27 has a very high-powered CPU option that can run pretty much any program flawlessly without long load times or slow responses from either the program or the computer. The design looks stunning as well, since it is relatively lightweight and fits into pretty much any space without a problem.

iMac 27 screen

imac 27 review




The iMac 27 gives you an enormous 27 inch screen that is great for both work and personal use. Most screens this large are fairly heavy for their size and a little bulky, even if they are advertised as “slim”. With your iMac 27, the screen really is extremely thin, which is nice because it gives you the chance to carry it around without a problem and you don’t have to worry about the back of the screen butting up close to a wall.

Apple has actually done something pretty unique with their screens for both the 21.5 inch and 27 inch versions of the iMac. Instead of putting a protective layer of glass on top of the liquid crystal display inside the monitor, they attached the LCD straight to the protective glass. This creates a viewing situation where there isn’t really a gap in between the part of the monitor that is made to protect against outside elements, and the part that actually displays the images. This reduces glare by quite a bit and makes the image a little bit sharper because it isn’t being distorted nearly as much by the glass separation that usually exists on monitors.

iMac 27 processor

imac processor


The processing power of the iMac 27 CPU can range from a standard 2.9 GHz i5 to a premium 3.4 GHz i7. If you are planning on using your iMac 27 primarily for very resource-taxing purposes, such as running multiple programs at once, or if you are wanting it to play some of the newest video games that are graphically intensive, then you may want to look into the 2.4 GHz option since it will keep your iMac performing well compared to most other machines well into the future.

For those people who do not run many programs that require a lot of computer resources, the 2.9 GHz option will work just fine. That kind of processing power is already faster than a lot of newer computers on the market today, and without the need for the more expensive 3.4 GHz processor, the standard 2.9 GHz will give you the same speed and functionality for what you are doing compared to the premium processor option.

iMac 27 design

One of the best features of the iMac 27 is the design of the machine. It looks like it would fit in just about anywhere, with any kind of desk, any sort of furniture around it, and it would be the coal point of the room. The large flat-panel screen means that you can place the iMac almost anywhere you want in a room since you won’t have to worry about it overheating or having to get to cords in the back of it like with other personal computers.

It’s silver luster gives it a very modern look that will really match well with about anything. Apple obviously had a strong desire for a nice design when they were developing the iMac 27. You won’t find too many computers that are as ergonomically functional and versatile as the newest iMac.

iMac 27 price

The basic price for the iMac 27 starts at just below $1800. That kind of price point is a little bit higher than most other top of the line home computers on the market, but it isn’t too far off of the mark. Many of the new computers around these days are still the basic tower and screen computers. The iMac gives you everything in one neat package for what will only probably amount to a couple of hundred dollars more. Upgrades to the processor and memory will cost you another couple of hundred dollars if you wish to go that route, but the best RAM and CPU options will probably extend the practical life of your iMac by a couple of years if you compare it to other similar computers.

Apple really seems to have swung for the fences with the iMac 27 and at least for now, it looks to have hit a home run. The iMac 27 is a very powerful machine that also has the bonus of looking great at the same time. And with some of the best apps available, the new iMac is a no-brainer!

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