iMac Accessories – Which Ones To Buy?

iMacs are great for home and office use, they are sleek, affordable, and are able to do pretty much anything you’d want a computer to do. There are a few iMac accessories that can help you use your iMac to its fullest extent. Chief among these are an iMac wireless keyboard, a good iMac speaker system, along with a few other accessories.

iMac Wireless Keyboard

imac wireless keyboard

Using a wireless keyboard with an iMac allows you to sit as far away from the computer as you want and still be able to type comfortably without being constrained by the length of a corded keyboard. Wireless keyboard technology has come a long way since companies started marketing them heavily to the public in the early 2000s. Early iMac wireless keyboard models, along with PC wireless keyboards, were prone to failing to recognize when some keystrokes were entered, making typing for long periods of time, such as writing a paper or sending emails, a chore because you had to go back so often.

Apple has really done a lot to improve this wireless technology and has been passing on their progress to their customers for quite a while now. The newest wireless keyboards have ranges that go beyond your house. You’ll want to find out the range of your iMac wireless keyboard before you setup your computer if you intend on doing a lot of your typing very far away. Realistically, most people will put their wireless keyboard on their desk where a wired keyboard would usually go but they won’t have to deal with wires. These extremely short ranges are typically no problem for iMac keyboards. The only issue that you might run into with range limitations is if you use a cheap 3rd party wireless keyboard. Generally, a wireless keyboard, whether it is made by Apple or a 3rd party, should in theory work pretty much anywhere in the same room. In practice, you might find that your 3rd party keyboard is starting to fail after anywhere from 6-12 months. This isn’t the case for all wireless keyboards, but it is something to keep in mind.

iMac Speakers

imac speakers

Every new iMac comes with speakers that are already packaged with the computer so that you will have sound without having to spend extra money on a speaker system. These iMac speakers do a great job by themselves, but sometimes you just want a little extra punch to go along with what you already have. This is where extra iMac speakers really come in handy, being able to add a complete surround sound system if you want something that expansive, or just a little added crispness and volume with an extra set of iMac speakers.

If you plan on using your iMac to watch a lot of movies, stream television, or create presentations, it might be worth investing a few extra dollars into a nice extra set of speakers. You can pick some up new from around $20 which will add a lot of depth to the already clear sound you’ll get from the stock speakers. Total surround sound systems are also available for the iMac, which start at around $80 and go up into the several hundred dollar range for top of the line models.

Speakers work a little differently than the wireless keyboards do when it comes to 3rd party manufacturers. In a lot of cases, a 3rd party is going to have a superior sound system and quality than anything which Apple puts out. This is simply because Apple isn’t really in the business of fine tuning and perfecting a completely encompassing sound experience. There are many companies which specifically tailor their products to Apple devices so that they work exceptionally well as iMac speakers. Bose makes a great surround sound system that can be used with the iMac, for a relatively low price if you are in the market for basic surround sound.

iMac Accessories


imac accessories

There are all sorts of iMac accessories on the market, if you can think of something practical for the iMac, chances are some company is selling some version of it. There are a few extras that seem to stand out from the rest when it comes to convenience and functionality. Finding a good iMac wireless mouse is essential when it comes to doing work more than a couple of feet away from the computer. If you are going to use a wireless keyboard for such a purpose, you are going to have to find a good wireless mouse to go along with it. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem as there are plenty of different wireless mice to choose from for the iMac. You can pick one up starting at $25 and go up from there depending on how nice of a wireless mouse you want. Every iMac wireless mouse uses bluetooth so they should all be compatible with whatever version of iMac that you have.

Having somewhere to store your keyboard may not be a problem with some desks which have a keyboard drawer built directly into them. For desks that don’t have this feature, there is a special brand of iMac stands that are extremely slim which allow you to keep your monitor at a reasonable height while fitting your keyboard under it when you aren’t using it. This saves space, and gives your iMac a clean, sharp look. Macessity creates a great stand called the Slimkey Stand which sits a little more than an inch at its lowest point up off of your desk in order to give your just enough clearance to store your keyboard.

A good iMac travel case can save you a lot of time and trouble when it comes to travelling with your iMac. Being able to use your iMac in places like hotel rooms is extremely convenient since you don’t have to bother with buying a laptop and you have everything you have at home with you on the computer. You can get a soft iMac case which are usually lightweight and pretty slim which gives you an easy way to carry the iMac, but not a whole lot of protection from drops or trauma. There are extremely durable cases, more like crates, that are made with very hard shells with foam inside of them that are the ultimate in protecting your iMac while travelling. Some of these cases are even waterproof giving you that much more protection.

There are a couple of extra accessories that deserve special mention because they are so vital to the proper working order of an iMac: the iMac power cord and the iMac manual.

iMac Power Cord

When you first purchase a new iMac, you don’t have to worry about a power cord since one will come with it when it is gotten straight from the box. A spare iMac power cord may definitely come in handy though if you purchase your iMac from a garage sale, auction, or off of a friend who may have no idea where the power cord happens to be. Luckily, Apple makes plenty of spare power cords for just such an occasion. Needing an extra power cord really isn’t as uncommon as one might think, it doesn’t take much to store an older iMac in a closet or basement for a couple of years, then when you go to sell it or give it away, the power cord just isn’t there.  Cords get lost all the time, but without an iMac power cord, your computer won’t be doing anything. You can buy a new power cord online from around $10, some computer repair stores may have them for sale for even less, but they typically don’t have too many extras lying around, if any at all, since they deal with far more PCs than iMacs.

iMac Manual

Having an iMac manual can be very useful when something goes wrong on your computer, or you need help setting it up for the first time.  iMac manuals come in a couple of forms, the first one is the basic manual that you get from Apple with your new iMac, it doesn’t go very far into many details other than how to get your computer running for the first time. If you get a used iMac, there is a good chance that you won’t even get this manual and you may try looking for a replacement iMac manual.

The other kind of manual is sold by third parties who write up fairly extensive guides that cover everything from getting started with your iMac to downloading apps, and pretty much everything else in between. These manuals can be great for someone who has absolutely no experience with an iMac at all, but experienced users may not glean much knowledge from a manual that talks about double clicking an icon to open a program or file. There are some good troubleshooting manuals out there that may be worth taking a look at if you are having some problems or if you just want to learn more about how the iMac works.

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