iMac Parts To Be “Made in USA”?

iFixit has presented us with a photo of the back of the iMac that clearly states “Assembled in USA”. Don’t get to excited though: that doesn’t mean Apple started moving its entire business from China to the US.

imac partsHowever, it does show interest from Tim Cook to start making at least a few products in America. It might mean Apple is testing the production of its Macintosh desktop at a smaller scale, in order to go big on their next launch, with the 2013 iMac.

This comes as a reply to one of the most criticised aspect of the loved iPhone maker. It will greatly benefit the American economy by creating plenty of valuable jobs. And Apple previously said it wasn’t really bothered by the fact that it will cost more to build their products home.

However, don’t expect next generation iPads to come with a “Made in the USA” sticker. But with at least some iMac parts being manufactured here, it’s definitely a step forward.

iMac Parts Beautifully Arranged Inside

imac logic board
Japanese blog Kodawarisan has the first teardown of the 2012 iMac. And it’s beautiful. The newer, slimmer device has rearranged, shrunk internals. And they’re quite roomy. Just like previous models, the display comes off using suction cups.

Unlike earlier generations, this new iMac doesn’t come with the antenna window as the front plastic Apple logo. Instead, the Wi-FI antennae is golden in color and is mounted around the edges of the bezel .


There are a few other notable changes too: the Intel iCore processor and the GPU share their place on the logic board, and there’s no more a Firewire port. Even more, there’s no optical disk drive and the RAM for the 21.5″ model is soldered in with the logic board.
On the bright side, though, the RAM is still user-removable and replaceable in the 27″ model.

imac logicboard


To sum it up, it definitely seems like the 2012 iMac is a totally different beast from the year-ago model. And with Apple moving the manufacturing of some iMac parts to the US, it just keeps getting better.


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