iPad 5 Rumor List

It is no secret that a new iPad 5 is on the horizon. All rumors point to the notion that Apple is once again about to announce the yearly update to its every so popular tablet. With the company most naturally preparing for a March event, rumors have been flying concerning what to expect for the next device. If WSJ and Bloomberg sources hold true we could be looking at not a radically different product, but some fine adjustments to an already great device.

ipad 5It’s been floating around for quite some time now and so far it seems to be pretty accurate, Apple will be updating the iPad casing. If you have seen the iPad Mini you will notice that the back of the device differs from that of the 4rd Generation iPad. Word on the street is Apple plans to bring that design to the entire iPad line and it would make sense seeing that Apple is all about symmetry within its ecosystem. On the downside, for those planning to upgrade, you can bet that the majority of your cases and docks will not work with the new iPad 5.

While you shouldn’t hold your breath for it, there is also evidence that Apple is updating the internals of the device once again. While the company has always been mum on the specifics of the CPU and GPU it uses, tear-downs have proven that the current dual-core CPU runs at 1GHz. If Apple wants to continue to offer exceptionally great hardware and software and keep pace with industry trends, it would only make sense for them to increase the clock speed and or physical cores of the CPU. Of course this means that the battery life would be affected and Apple is very conscious of the battery life of its iDevices. Any increase in the CPU or GPU power most naturally means Apple has found a way to have its core components sip even less power.

While not the worst camera we have tested, it’s not one of the best either. While we will continually lambast the idea of using the iPad as a main photographic device, it’s always nice to have a camera on there for those Kodak moments. Problem is, with the iPad many of your Kodak moments won’t appear as such thanks to the horrible camera. Apple is most naturally aware of this and as such we think it’s about time they address this. While we don’t have any substantial proof for a camera update, we do hope they prove us wrong and bring a better camera to the iPad 5.

As for most other things, it appears that Apple is leaving them the same. We are not expecting a better resolution screen or a bigger screen at that, unless the company plans to decrease the bezel. While it would be cool for some colors other than black and white, we’ll have to leave that to third parties as Apple isn’t interested in adding the rainbow to their iPad 5 line, though they did do that with the iPod Touch.


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