Things to know about iPhone 3 cases, covers, and iPhone 3 case pricing

A quick online search for iPhone 3 accessories reveals many combinations of cases and cases. The iPhone 3 itself is well designed and constructed.  The back panel is plastic polycarbonate with metal control buttons on the left and top.  The side rim is metal and front has two layers of capacitive touch sensitive glass.  Even though the phone is solidly designed, some users have seen the first layer of screen glass crack after a hard fall.  That alone is good reason for consumers to prefer putting their phone into an attractive but rugged designer case or cover for protection and style.  After doing a bit of online and store research, cases and covers are names for the same product.  Most people refer to an iPhone 3 cover as a case.  Over the years, many companies have designed, manufactured and marketed iPhone 3 cases.  When people buy a new iPhone, they typically get a case along with it especially if they are sure their phone will be protected and look better in a case.  For example, a construction worker will get a case because they want their phone to be protected from being dropped or being exposed to sand and dirt.  For them it is usually not an option to leave their phone at home or in a vehicle because they usually need to use the phone while working.

iphone 3 cases

An iPhone 3 case is what consumers permanently put their iPhone inside to protect it at all times.  Some cases have round or square openings for the control buttons on the side and top edge of the phone and a small circular opening for the camera on the rear of the phone.  Rubber cases have a textured feel to them and raised areas for the buttons so they can be pressed while remaining covered.  Some cases have a small round opening just for the Apple logo on the back.  Some cases leave out the logo opening and either have their own a custom printed logo or no logo at all.  Some cases include a clear screen protection film to protect the screen against scratches and other damage while still allowing the user to use the screen.  Some cases have a clip on the back that may or may not swivel to allow the case to be clipped to the wearer’s waist.  Some cases are water and dust proof to allow using an iPhone in a harsh or tough environment.  These cases protect the phone against drops, water, snow, ice, dust, dirt, and sand.  These cases involve vacuum sealing an airtight area around the phone.  These cases also usually have a separate casing directly on the phone and more layers around it for added protection.  It is still possible to plug in headphones and the charger, but for maximum protection and safety, keeping the phone should be completely sealed.  These high protection level cases will have sealable covers over the headphone and charging ports as well.  A safe high tech solution to listen to a sealed iPhone is to use a Bluetooth earpiece to make a wireless connection.  After buying the case, it will take a few minutes to maneuver the phone permanently inside and snap a top case over the phone to seal it tightly.  An iPhone 3 case can also be a protective pouch clipped to a person’s belt or purse that they slide the phone into when it is it is not being used.  Other types of cases have a magnetic easy open flap that sits over a lengthwise edge of the phone to hold it in place.  A case can also be a simple open sleeve that allow the user to simply slide the phone into it.  iPhone 3 cases are available in hard plastic, soft rubber, leather and cloth.  They also come in many colors and styles.  A consumer has many options when it comes to the style, color and level of protection they want in a case.


A popular case is the Otterbox Defender Series for $49.95.  It has a durable polycarbonate shell with a silicone layer attached to the phone itself.  It protects against bumps, scratches, shocks, drops and dust. The included screen protector guards the iPhone’s screen against damage. With all the protecting features, the case still has a play through design which allows quickly and easily using every phone function.  This case is very sensibly designed with port covers for the headphone and charging port so it’s easy to use those items when needed yet easy to protect them when they are not.  The case comes in many attractive colors including, black, white, yellow, pink and a combination of black and the other colors.  Otterbox cases come in the Defender, Commuter, Reflex, Prefix, Impact and Pursuit series.  All are designed with the single goal of protecting an iPhone from the dangers of the real world environments owners must work or live in.

Otterbox Defender Series

Another popular option is the Incase Slider Case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS in Black for $34.99.   This case is hardshell textured plastic that protects bumps, drops and scratches. The bottom portion of the cover slides away for easy use of the docking port. This case is a bit different because the back panel doesn’t have the circular hole to show off the Apple logo and the bottom half of the case has to be removed to get access to the charging and syncing port.

Incase Slider Case for the iPhone 3G

One more choice is for an iPhone 3 case is the iFrogz Luxe for iPhone® 3G and 3GS in Blue/Black at a cost of $30.00.  This hard protective case with soft-touch texture will keep an iPhone safe from dents and dings.  This case also has a metal coating that makes an iPhone more stylish.


Prices of iPhone cases and cases vary widely from less than $1 on an auction website and around $50 in a retail store.  Cases from designer brand names will be the most expensive and have the best features.  The level of protection in cases varies from very basic protection against drops and bumps all the way up to protection in the harshest of environments by having multiple layers around the phone.



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