iPhone 5 on Sale – The Best Deals

The iPhone 5 is clearly an impressive device. The 6th generation of Apple’s handset boasts a 4 inch Retina display, a 8 MP full HD camera and a new, more powerful A6 processor. However, it all comes at a price, and a pretty steep one, as we’ve already get used to from previous generations.

T-Mobile has finally got its hands on the iPhone 5, making Apple’s latest smartphone available on every major U.S. wireless carrier there is. With so many possibilities, customers may get confused when searching for the best iPhone 5 price.

The aim of the article is to help potential buyers find out which carrier sells the handset for the cheapest price, and what other iPhone 5 on sale deals are out there.

Which Carrier Has The iPhone 5 on Sale?

Assuming we want unlimited voice minutes and text messages and at least 4GB of data per month, T-mobile is the clear winner of the price contest, with its total cost of ownership at just a bit above $2,200. That’s more than $1,000 cheaper than Sprint’s “Simply Everything” plan, that shoots the iPhone’s price up to more than $3,300.

AT&T and Verizon share the same price point at $2,840, still $600 more expensive than T-Mobile. Although our choices may come as extreme to most users (people don’t really need unlimited everything) it’s for an example only. We do believe, however, that 4GB of data is sensible in today’s LTE world.

Without doubt now is the absolute best time ever to be a T-Mobile consumer. Not only their offer is the cheapest, but you are not tied to any contract, and thus there are no early termination fees.

iphone 5 on sale

However, there are certain disadvantages to opting for T-Mobile too. For example, you can only use 500MB of data as a hotspot, and if you want more, then you have to pay extra. Moreover, when you exceed 5GB of data in any given month, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down your downloading and uploading speeds.

What’s more, T-Mobile doesn’t have the same kind of coverage as AT&T and Verizon in more rural areas. And while the 3G speeds are generally higher for T-Mobile, their coverage area is nothing when compared to Verizon’s.

It’s up for you to decide whether T-Mobile’s pricing scheme is worth giving up certain advantages in exchange for others. If you live in a big city, then you should be just fine.

The cheapest price you can get an iPhone 5 for, though, does not come from any of the four major U.S. carriers. Instead, Walmart offers the iPhone 5 for just $1,729 over two years, considerably cheaper than any other alternatives.

After having the popular iPhone 5 on sale during the Christmas holidays, where one could buy the iPhone 5 for just $127 on contract and the iPad 3 for just $399 ( the same as the non-Retina iPad 2), Walmart has gone into 2013 with a industry-shattering announcement: it would start selling iPhones for ridiculous low prices using StraightTalk, a carrier that does not use contracts.

You have to pay the full price for the phone upfront ($649 for the iPhone 5, that is) and then $45 a month for unlimited everything. That means that if you are a Sprint customer, you pay double the price the iPhone 5 costs at Walmart. ($3,300+ as opposed to just $1,700)

As you’ve seen there are plenty of options, each coming with its own benefits and downsides. You may also want to wait a bit more, as the price for the iPhone 5 is likely to go down once rumors of the next Apple handset, be it the iPhone 5S or a new iPhone 6, make their way to the Internet. For now, though, in this article you can find the best options if you want to buy an iPhone 5 on sale.

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