Knowing when to call in the Apple experts – logic board problems

While the Apple products specifically make no bones about looking different (and incredibly so) on the outside, for the most part all computers are made up of the same basic components – a power supply to feed electricity to the internals, a process to run the show and RAM to make things happen smoother, a hard drive to store everything, and a motherboard or logic board to control and connect everything into a seamless unit. And while this is true for just about every machine in the world with a couple of unique wrinkles here and there, almost everything on these machines can be upgraded, repaired, or replaced all on your own – except for the logic board MacBook component.

There are a lot of things you can do on an Apple MacBook yourself, even if you’re not terribly techy – but fooling around with different logic board MacBook parts is not something you want to find yourself doing one day when you get bored.

This is not a knock against you or your computer skills, this is just a cold hard reality of working with Apple and their incredible design team. Because so much of the Apple ethos and product lines are all about innovation and pushing things forward – and quite often making everything as small as possible – the logic board MacBook component is going to be a whole different animal than you expect. Quite often parts are soldiered right to the board that would be easily replaceable in other machines (think the RAM in the Air), sometimes things are combined in odd ways that don’t entirely make a lot of sense, and sometimes parts have been omitted or engineered out to make room for something else (or a whole lot of shaving). The point is that a lot can go wrong with a logic board MacBook component, and even a small and innocent mistake can mean a big repair bill for you.

Choosing the right logic board MacBook part can be a bit of a hassle, but the best advice you could ever get is to do a one for one replacement – don’t try to change, don’t try to upgrade, just order a brand new duplicate of what you already have.

If you do decide to move forward with an Apple logic board repair all on your own for whatever reason, the best thing that could be suggested to you (other than the fact that you should send it out) is to make sure you do a one for one replacement of the logic board MacBook component and nothing else. Too many people think this is the time to do some internal upgrades, or to look for something else they can shoehorn in there – fight the temptation and make sure this doesn’t happen to you. These components have all been designed and engineered to fit in the space given, and the last thing you want to do with a MacBook is rock the boat and try new things – it always ends up as a bad, bad thing.

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