MacBook Air Breakdown

If you’ve been noticing some major shifts and movements in the landscape of mobile computing in the past couple of years, the odds are good that all of the things that have popped up on your radar have been pushed forward by Apple. Long known for creating show stopping and industry creating innovations, the new MacBook Air is no exception.  Changing the very conception of what a laptop is supposed to be, the small and compact form factor combined with the MacBook Air’s specs to create a perfect storm for consumers – something that is light and powerful, sexy and simple all at the same time.

macbook air

Like most all Apple products, this is one of the best looking models you’ll find anywhere in the mobile computing world – with clean lines and a slim form factor, it would be hard to look at computers the same after putting your hands on a 11 MacBook Air

The first thing you’ll notice about the new MacBook Air is that everything about its looks has been painstakingly considered – right down to the simple MacBook Air charger that goes into the wall! Steve Jobs made mammoth efforts to make sure that all of the machines that his company created were simple and functional above all else, with a premium placed on the design never getting in the way of a user’s experience but rather boosting their ability to do whatever they want.

A clamshell design that tapers at the front from the back when things are closed up, you might at first be led to believe that the 11inch screen on the 11 MacBook Air models is too small to work with – but nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than fight to find space on a desk or your lap while on the go – and people who have tried to get work done on an airplane will specifically appreciate the smaller footprint – the MacBook Air is just right for getting things done when you are away from your main machine.

But the MacBook Air a1304 is more than just another pretty face – with powerful hardware lurking right below the sleek surface, this is a machine that was designed to be used by professionals

The real amazement over the MacBook Air however is immediately noticed by the human eye – in this case, beauty and power is much more than skin deep. Right below the sleek and sexy aluminum MacBook Air cover is a powerhouse of hardware, all designed to give you the kind of instant on ability we demand in our modern world. Using the latest multicore Intel processors with all flash storage and RAM, you’ll have a machine that can boot up from a cold start in seconds – and wake up from a “sleep” in an instant, no matter how long the delay. This is the kind of access we’ve been dying for in the tech community forever, and the kind of breakthroughs that Apple produces time and time again!

If you’re looking to upgrade your current mobile computing system or just want to know what the future will be like today, then you need to look into what the MacBook Air can do for you!

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