Necessary accessories for your new MacBook

macbook pro backpack
Getting your first MacBook is an experience unlike any other – and Apple purposefully sets it up that way. Packaged to give you the biggest wow factor they could pull off, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying an entry level MacBook, the super slim and sleek MacBook Air, or the top of the line MacBook Pro – there is a ritual you go through that is the same across the board, and it personally binds you to the machine.


That being said, the last thing you want to do is have your new MacBook be anything than the absolute best it can be – and while Apple has done as much as they can on their end to make sure this is true for you right out of the box, adding a couple of key accessories can take things to an entirely new level altogether.

MacBook Cooling Pad

macbook cooling pad

The number one rule of laptops is that they get hot – their form factor and cramped quarters inside is just a heat collector, and there is no real way of getting around that. Apple has done it’s very best to make sure that their laptop line vents as properly as possible to avoid you getting burned (and any damage to your laptop’s internals), but adding a MacBook cooling pad would be a great idea as well. They come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes, and choosing the right one is going to give you the ability to work for longer stretches of time without worrying about your discomfort or your machine overheating.

MacBook VGA Adapter

macbook vga adapter

The MacBook displays are known for being the best in the world, but sometimes the small form factor of a laptop isn’t enough (especially when we’re talking about the Air). In these cases you’ll want to put something up on a bigger monitor or TV, and to make sure you have flexibility you should have a MacBook VGA adapter on hand at all times. This little dongle will help you convert your MacBook’s HDMI, mini HDMI, DVI, or other video out port to a VGA one, giving you complete control over your display power.

MacBook Carrying Case

macbook carrying case


There is no getting around the simple fact that these machines are not exactly cheap – in fact, some people would call them down right expensive. The last thing you’ll want to have happen is any kind of external damage or loss of luster because of your machine being exposed to the elements, and a proper MacBook carrying case can make sure this never happens. The kind of accessory that most people cannot be without, you’d be smart to invest in the right MacBook carrying case for your specific computer.

MacBook Pro Backpack

And while a carrying case is more than enough for most instances, when you are a digital professional you might need a bit more space for other tools and gadgets – and that’s where the MacBook Pro Backpack comes in. Offering many of the same benefits as the carrying case but also the adaptability and flexibility to carry all of your other gear in a central location, you would do well to look for the right MacBook Pro Backpack for your needs.

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