[Rumors] iPad 5 Release Dates, Pricing and Specs Round up


Along with so many rumors and leaks all over the web about the new iPhone 5C and 5S and the launch dates of iPad Mini 2, there will be many other speculations going around the web about the announcement of the 5th generation iPad very soon. Hence we have rounded up all the updates and rumors flying on the web about iPad 5’s release dates, pricing and specifications for our valuable readers.

iPad 5 Release Date
iPad 5 Release Date

Let’s check out these rumors:

iPad 5 Release Date:

With the announcement of iOS 7, it is pretty much predictable that Apple will be looking forward to launch the next generation iPad, probably named as iPad 5 in autumn 2013. There are no official announcements from Apple on iPad 5 yet. The tech bloggers around the web have made this speculation based on the last year release of iPad 4 in November 2012, having unveiled it in October. Thus, we can expect a 5th generation iPad revealed soon given the fact that the design of iPad 4 was two-generations old and Apple won’t be waiting longer to release the next iPad powered by iOS 7.

Our tech sources have also hinted that the new iPad may be revealed in October 2013 alongside the iPad Mini 2 which would be just weeks after the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch event.

iPad 5: Specs

There are more rumors without many facts when it comes to next iPad specs right now. Apple has a tendency to make their devices slimmer and lighter compared to its previous generation models. Hence we are expecting the new iPad will be somewhere around a third lighter and thinner than iPad 4. Such a design change would make it around 500g in terms of weight and roughly 7mm thick.

Most of the rumors on the specs of the 5th generation iPad are based on iPad Mini. Some reports suggests that making the iPad 5 thinner than iPad 4 can be achieved, if a thinner glass is used while others advice to use smaller or fewer LED backlight. Such a change will also enable the use for a smaller, thinner battery without compromising on battery life. The other trick which is rumored is the one used in iPad Mini, where LCD screen is laminated to the glass reducing the thickness and glare/reflections altogether hence, improving quality.

Other reports which are flowing on the web every now and then about the specs and new features of iPad 5 are as follows:

  • Haptic Technology (something Android tablets used for a long time)
  • Upgraded Rear Camera (as seen in iPhone 5, an 8 MP rear camera won’t seem surprising to us.)
  • Faster Processor (Being it the Apple strategy generation by generation models, a faster processor is surely on the list.)
  • New Colors: Slate (offered on iPad mini), Gold and Gray.

iPad 5 Price:

Pricing is the easiest and pretty much the most accurate predictions when it comes to Apple device launches. As it’s been a custom with Apple products the prices of the current iPad 4 will reflect onto the 5th generation iPad.  According to industry sources, the fifth generation iPad may cost around $499 for the Wi-Fi  16GB version, $599 for the 32GB, $699 for the 64GB and $799 for the 128GB tablet.

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