The best way to sell an old iPhone for a great price

When the time comes for an iPhone owner to part with their phone for some reason, many options exist for them to sell their iPhone. People who sell their old iPhone generally check with friends and family first to see if anyone is looking to buy an iPhone so they can sell it to someone they know. When that option doesn’t work, the next best options to sell an iPhone is to post it online on sites designed for selling items.

sell old iphoneThe most well-known most mentioned option most people know about to buy or sell an item is Craigslist. It’s one of the most popular options for two big reasons. First, it is easy to set up an account and quickly post a description, contact information, a few helpful pictures of the phone’s actual condition, and a price all free. The fastest and most reliable way to research realistic pricing is to do a search for iPhones in a similar condition with pictures and use the prices and conditions listed as a guideline. To support having a competitive price, a person should post as many helpful pictures as possible because most people feel better and are more interested in buying a product online when they can see many pictures of the item. In the text description, the person should type in a friendly, honest description of the phone including accurate details of the highlights and lowlights of the phone’s condition. Most consumers especially want to know an honest answer to what is wrong with the phone. With all of that done, the person then should come up with a price that is fair considering the overall features, age and condition of the phone. Most people usually set the price a little bit higher and then come down by a few dollars to help with the selling process as well. Being willing to fairly negotiate the price will help get an iPhone sold for a great price.

The second reason that Craigslist is so popular is that depending on the city or region a person lives in, most people looking to buy an iPhone most often head over to Craigslist to look before they go anywhere else. People who list iPhones on Craigslist are looking to sell to someone local so that when an agreement is made to sell the two people can meet locally to complete the sale, which saves on the additional packaging and shipping cost. Many people like the local option because it means they can get the phone the same day and having a friendly meeting can help sell the phone at the best price. The main advice most often given is that people should meet in a very public place such as a coffee shop to avoid a strange or dangerous situation.

Ebay is another popular website to help someone sell their iPhone at a great price. eBay is an excellent choice to sell a phone because even though it costs a small fee to put an item up for sale, the process of doing so is easy and the seller has many more options to make the phone attractive to buyers. eBay helps market an iPhone to people all over the world, not just the seller’s specific local region. It allows the seller to auction the phone and if it is in an excellent condition, a few people who really want the phone will compete by bidding against each other to get it. Ebay will likely help an iPhone sell quickly. If a seller’s phone is in pristine condition with great pictures of it and in a competitive auction, it will sell at a very good price.

Amazon is an excellent well known place to sell an old phone. Millions of people buy electronics from the site so an iPhone in good condition may well be exactly what a fellow Apple fan is looking to buy. A seller will get the most money for their phone by listing it there. When it is sold, it turns into an Amazon store credit. If a buyer already frequently shops at Amazon that credit could be used towards another phone or item.

Another online option is Apple’s own trade-in program that will allow a seller to get an Apple store credit towards buying another Apple device. If the sellers intention was to sell their iPhone to be able to buy another iPhone or other Apple product, this method will be the very best option. The seller simply sends their phone back to Apple and they give the seller money for it, a very simple and elegant solution. The only downside with this option is that especially if the phone is very old or in bad shape, this is the least profitable option to sell it.

There are a few other local trade-in choices as well. BestBuy has a trade-in program for people who were planning to go to the store to buy another item. It is a good deal to get some money off another purchase price. Both Verizon and AT&T will give money for a used iPhone as well. If a person does their homework and really checks into all the options it’s very likely they will find the best way to sell their phone at a great price.

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