There are a number of reasons that the new MacBook Pro has been dominating the laptop landscape

It may be true that your first few hundred experiences with MacBook Pros in the wild were from college kids that were using them for little more than to check their email, Facebook their friends, and write the odd lap report or two, the fact of the matter is that these computers were designed and constructed to be a digital production center in a mobile computing form factor. If you’ve ever wanted power- real, unbridled power – from your laptop, then you would be crazy not to look long and hard at what the MacBook Pro has to offer you.

Built for the digital professional that needs very real and very serious power at their fingertips, the MacBook Pro is the kind of workhorse you can count on during your day to daily operations

The regular lines of Macs and Apple products in general were created for regular people to have the simple computing experience that was missing from the marketplace, but the Pro line of products is a different animal altogether. Designed from the ground up to offer creatives in all walks of life – digital arts and media, music and video, marketing and advertising, writers, actors, painters, whatever – the MacBook Pro is a professional grade tool for serious and savvy people.

Powered by the most powerful Intel chips on the market and with more than enough RAM onboard to be considered a Dodge vehicle, these machines will cut through whatever task you can throw at them and then ask for more. Simple and elegant to look at and more than mission capable for just about anything, there is a real and substantial reason that so many people rely on these MacBook Pro products to earn a living all over the world.

While the hardware all over the new MacBook Pro makes it a smart buy, the connectivity you enjoy with the MacBook Pro HDMI output takes things to another level altogether

But the real shining star of this specific iteration of MacBook Pro (the Retina model) is the integration of the HDMI port. MacBook Pro HDMI capability now gives you the freedom to leave your desk, create and collaborate with people from literally anywhere, and then hook up to any computer monitor or TV all over the world with a single cable to share and connect with others. And while this technology has been offered on other computers for a while (and consequently one of the most requested features from the MacBook Pro marketplace), it’s a perfect and seamless fit on the new MacBook that it makes you wonder why it wasn’t there all along. Having MacBook Pro HDMI connectivity opens up the world to you as a second or dedicated monitor, and really lets you take the components inside of this machine and open them up and push their boundaries. This is the kind of control and power Apple has always been touting, and you’ll never go back to a solution that doesn’t have the MacBook Pro HDMI connection ever again.

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