Two major types of MacBook Pro insurance you may want to look into

Getting your hands on a brand new MacBook Pro is a feeling unlike anything else in the tech world. Sure, it can be a bit of fun to get the latest and greatest cellphone or gaming console, but the fact of the matter is that those are tools for consuming – the MacBook Pro is specifically for creating. This is the kind of product that can change your life and the world, and that’s no understatement. Many of your favorite movies, music, and shows have all been created or polished on a MacBook Pro – so don’t you think that an investment like this is worth some MacBook Pro insurance?

The first type of MacBook Pro insurance you should look into investing in is the Apple Care Plan right from the creators of your fine laptop

This is the most obvious type of insurance you should look into if you’re serious about keeping your new computer in tip top form through the next couple of years. There are different levels of Apple Care that you can choose from, and to be honest you’d have to be a little bit crazy not to leverage this offering from Apple. You get bulletproof protection across the board for all kinds of problems and damage, and will be able to sleep easy at night knowing that the money you’ve spent on this machine is going to be protected for years to come. Apple Care is incredibly easy to sign up for – the Apple employee that sells you your computer will always offer it to you to take advantage of – and is the kind of MacBook Pro insurance you should seriously consider before anything else.

The other type of MacBook Pro insurance that would be well worth a bit of research is of the third party nature – we’re talking about privately insuring your machine, adding security and tracking software, and other things to keep your MacBook Pro safe

There is a bit of a problem with Apple Care though, and it’s the fact that they don’t cover loss and theft as part of the plan – for that you’ll need third party MacBook Pro insurance setup on your rig. Pretty easy to get and available from a million and on reputable outfits online (and possibly even the same company that does your auto insurance), this is absolutely something you’ll want to consider. These are hot items that cost a lot of money and are always in demand – making them a prime target for thieves all over the world. Make sure you are protecting yourself, your property, and your investment.

One of the best, simple, and straightforward ways to take care of this problem of MacBook Pro insurance is to install some tracking or identity software right to your machine. This will allow you to shut down and lock your computer if it’s been stolen, as well as giving you the chance to locate it with the help of your iSight camera and WiFi antennas. This is MacBook Pro insurance taken to the next level but is relatively inexpensive and something that could save the day.

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