What Are The Best Speakers for iMac?

Getting superb sound out of your iMac doesn’t have to be hard if you know exactly what to look for in a speaker system. While some people may be happy with the factory installed iMac speakers, there may be those who are looking to splurge a bit on higher end systems. Whether these take the form of just an extra set of slightly larger speakers, or a complete iMac surround sound system, it is important that you know what seems to work well for other people, and  how to get the best price on your speakers.

iMac factory speakers

The speakers that come with the iMac should suffice if you don’t plan on listening to a lot of music, watching a lot of videos, or just generally not using sound a lot with your system. They are fairly strong and don’t have the fuzzy noise that you sometimes get from other internal computer speakers, but at the same time, if you have used external speakers before, you’ll notice a certain tonal quality missing with the factory installed speakers. Most of the time, owners will opt to get at least some sort of external speaker system to go with their iMac since it is nice to be able to get a full, rich sound out of a computer setup.

iMac external speakers

Finding a good pair of external speakers isn’t very hard since there are so many manufacturers out there who specialize in speakers for iMac systems. For those on a budget but who still want to get a fairly powerful sound, there are stand-alone speakers available from around $20 which should give your iMac quite a boost up from the standard factory speakers, while at the same time not costing you a whole lot extra. On the higher end of the price range, you can find $100 speakers that have adjustable controls for bass, treble, and additional I/O jacks for hooking them into an even larger system.

iMac surround sound systems

The ultimate in high quality sound for your iMac is a surround sound system. These typically start at around $150 and go up quite a bit from there. You can get a good Bose system for around $250-300 which will provide pretty close to the maximum amount of quality you can get from your sound card for a standard sized room. With 4-5 speakers plus a subwoofer, you will be immersed in quality sound making this option one of the best ways to get the most out of your speakers for your iMac.

Getting the best price

Finding cheap iMac speakers isn’t very hard these days with sites like eBay which currently have thousands of auctions going on for iMac speakers. If you don’t want to test out the used market, sites like NewEgg and Geeks usually have pretty good specials for iMac speakers, depending on the time of year, and how close we are to the release of a new iMac model. A little bit of research goes a long way in finding the best price for iMac speakers, but it will be well worth it if you can get a great deal.

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