What is the iMac?

The iMac is the home computer all in one package that Apple currently sells in order to compete with the more popular personal computer.  There have been several different models in the past decade, each one improving upon the last in order to give users a better produce that allows them to do more, store more, and browse more all at a fair price that gives customers a pretty good bang for their buck.

When did Apple start making iMacs

One of the first questions people started to ask when the iMac was announced was basically what is an iMac. The first iMac came out in 1998 and a new concept was introduced along with it, something that hadn’t really been seen much before in the past with modern computers: an all in one system. The first iMacs looked like your standard large monitor of the day, but that nice thing about these iMac was that the computer itself and the monitor were all packaged as one component. This meant that you could place it where you would want your monitor to go and you wouldn’t have to worry about placing a tower anywhere.

What made the iMac sell so well

The iMac was an easy to use computer that came with everything you need straight out of the box. Its simple operating system was, and still is, a major factor in the popularity of the iMac. Since 1998, millions of iMacs have been sold around the world as there has always been a fairly strong market for both PCs and iMacs. What may be one of the biggest selling points however is the aforementioned all in one composition which makes storing and utilizing it so much easier than with most computers before it.

iMacs today

iMacs Today


As the years go by, Apple has continually been looking at the previous iMac generations and coming up with new ways to improve upon them. This can be something as simple as designing a new mouse in order to make a user’s hand more comfortable, or it can be something truly groundbreaking such as setting the internal parts of the computer in the stand for the screen. This has really taken the all in one concept to a whole new level of functionality since you can have an entire computer system, speakers, monitor, and computer, all for the size of a standard monitor.

Since processor and memory speed have both been increasing quite a bit recently, and especially since the first iMac came out, it is important to keep the newest generations of iMacs going strong in order to run the newest games and programs. The iMac 27 is the newest iteration of the iMac, with a 27 inch screen, you can easily fit plenty of boxes or programs on your screen at once to help you make better use of your iMac.

When people ask what are iMacs, they can expect to find an answer that deals with an iMac being a solid computer that has excellent support behind it and decades of research going into it in order to give customers value for the money they spend on it.

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