What’s The Cost Of iPod?

Because there are so many different types of iPods for consumers to choose from, it may be difficult to figure out exactly which one is right for you. The cost of an iPod may be the deciding factor when choosing what model of iPod you decide to get.

Apple’s iPod is arguably one of the most successful electronic device in history, despite not being available on Windows for more than 9 months after it was introduced to the masses.

cost of ipod

Cost of iPod Classic

When looking at classic iPod prices,  it is important to keep in mind that resellers like eBay or shops that refurbish iPods can offer big savings when compared to buying older models brand new.  A brand new classic iPod will run you around $250. At the same time, you can find them on eBay for around $140. iPod prices tend to fluctuate a little bit on reseller sites, meaning you can get older models cheaper around the time a new model comes out, and around the holidays due to an increase of people selling them.

Cost of iPod Touch

For the iPod Touch 5g, you are looking at spending a little under $300 for the 32GB model. This price is going to remain pretty constant everywhere you look since it is the newest generation of the iPod Touch. The cost of iPod Touch 5g’s that have double the memory capacity (64GB) is only marginally higher at around $399.  The iPod Touch 4g is one of the most popular models, mainly because it has been out for a while and you can do a lot more with a 4g  than you can with an older model. Depending on where you purchase it from, the cost of iPod Touch can start from around $150 for an 8GB version and go up to $320 for the 64GB version. You will be more likely to find a better deal at a major retailer than at a smaller electronics shop or cell phone store.

Cost of iPod Nano

The cost of an iPod Nano for the newest generation is right around $150. iPod Nano 7g prices are likely to stay the same for quite some time as the iPod Nano 8g isn’t scheduled to be released until at least the Fall of 2013. Previous models can be found for well under $100 used on sites like eBay and elsewhere in the secondary market.

An iPod Shuffle may be just the thing that the most cost-conscious consumer is looking for when it comes to the ability to handle songs for activities such as running or working out. iPod Shuffle prices are very low compared to other iPod models, mainly because of the decreased functionality and the absence of a screen. The cost of iPod Shuffle brand new is $49, while, like almost every other older iPod model, the previous versions of it can be found for less on the secondary market.

Apple has done a great job in lowering the cost of iPods to a manageable level so that pretty much anybody who is looking for one can find something in their price range. The broad-market appeal will help to ensure that new generations of iPods come out with regularity and that the prices closely match what the company, and the public, feels that they are worth.

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