When is it time to replace a MacBook screen?

There are only about a million and one different advantages to using a laptop over a desktop solution – and maybe even more when you are talking about a MacBook. But no matter how well made or expensive your machine is, all man-made things will eventually wear out and fail, a fact that you should be aware of going into things ahead of time. While Apple products are made for the long haul and generally enjoy serious longevity, the fact of the matter is that the screens are often one of the first things to go. Here’s how to know if you need to replace a MacBook screen.

There are a couple of dead giveaways that it’s become time to replace MacBook screen, but the most obvious one is whenever you have real damage that is detracting from your using the machine properly

This should be a no brainer for most, but the obvious sign that a MacBook screen needs to be changed out and upgraded with a repair part is if it has sustained any real damage. All laptops will suffer bumps and bruises from time to time – it’s the nature of a mobile computer – but the screen should always look as fresh as the day it was bought. If you have any cracks, leaks, or dark spots on your screen you should look into the process of replacing your laptop screen as soon as possible.

If you do have a problem with your MacBook screen and it is preventing you from getting things done, you can almost always use an external monitor or TV with the included video out port on your MacBook and use it as a desktop solution. While not ideal for most people looking to take advantage of a MacBook’s portability, it’s something worth considering in a pinch.

The other tell-tale sign you should be looking for in determining if it’s time to go for and replace MacBook screen is whether or not you have any dead pixels on your monitor or have begun to notice the colors seeming a bit “off”

This is something a bit harder to spot at first, but can actually be a symptom of a failure that is just around the corner. If you start to see pixels flicker or go completely dark or any “off coloring” that didn’t used to look that way before, you should consider looking into having a tech replace a MacBook screen for you.

The way modern screens are built ensure that they will operate for years and years under normal use, but there will always be an exception to the rule and you may have purchased it. Know that Apple takes their quality control very, very seriously, and if you are covered under an Apple Care system the odds are good that you won’t have to pay to replace a MacBook screen. You would be best off talking to someone at the Apple Store or a customer service rep for more details, but all in all this is a simple and straightforward process.

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