Why Buy Apple – My Personal Experience

I have been very passionate about everything Apple over 10 years now.  I read the autobiographies of the late Steve Jobs and I watched many famous keynote speeches and WWDC videos on YouTube.  I am also every interested in and experienced with Apple products.  I have had a bunch of different PCs before I bought my first Apple computer to maximize my career.  Apple computers were very different from the Windows based machines I previously had and I wanted to become an expert on these very different computers.  Over the years, I purchased and upgraded two Mac desktops, an iPad, an iPhone, and several different iPod products.. Quite recently I have bought a 13′-inch Macbook Air and even this piece of writing is being published from my iMac. I am also a happy owner of the Apple TV and of the Apple AirPort Express.


The top reason to buy Apple is to become a proud owner of a revolutionary, user friendly product.  Apple is a future oriented, innovative, industry standard trend setting electronics company.  The Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad are ‘household names’ for products that Apple invented then mass produced.  Apple’s products are often the first to introduce revolutionary features and benefits to the market.  I remember that my first Apple desktop computer, a Macintosh Quadra 630 was able to completely integrate into the IBM PC world by being able to open and save Microsoft Office files on Windows formatted floppy disks.  On my second desktop, a Power Macintosh G3, I ran both Windows and iTunes which were very impressive useful software packages to run on that computer.  A MacBook Air was the first laptop to have solid state storage for very fast access to data and applications.   The iPhone, iPod and iPad touch screens introduced fascinating intuitive ways of interacting with the software and hardware using finger movement and voice commands.  It’s still totally amazing how much thought has gone into making these devices work the way a person would expect they should.  Apple’s invention in this area has made big improvements in how other products use these ideas. The iPod is the extremely well known music and video player that along with iTunes changed the way people download, organize and listen to their favorite songs. Another impressive feature is that the hardware and software in an Apple device always work perfectly together.  Apple devices are known for their abilities to keep your data safe.  Their operating system software is still very safe and secure. These devices are so valuable Apple even invented a software option to ask the device tell you where it is if you lose track of it because it is so small and light.


Apple puts very radical and desirable design ideas into their products.  Apple sets the bar for design in everything they do.  Many competing retail stores copy the layout of an Apple store.  Every product Apple makes is known for being special in some way in how it was designed.  The iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iPhone 5 and the other amazing devices are all very well executed.  A consumer will be proud they were able to buy the thinnest, lightest, fastest, or smallest device available. Apple’s products have a features or design ideas most people find attractive.


These are only a few of many reasons a customer would decide to invest in an Apple product instead of many others that are very similar in appearance and features.  Apple has been around since 1977 and they have always been a leader in the market.  There have been countless rumors over the years that Apple would go out of business because their products are too expensive or incompatible with Window.  Evidently, the overall value of their machines features and their compatibility with Windows software keep consumers waiting for the next incredible device to roll off the assembly line.

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